Applied I-Chord

I recently finished 2 sweaters which I would want to post here:


They look great!

Thanks ! kemp.
Glad to know you liked it

Lovely!!! Looks like one of EZ’s creations! WTG :cheering:

Hey Cheryl, Visited your blog
Wonderful knitting ! I especially liked the cute clogs and the diamond lace shawl is awesome… Even the fern lace scarf and socks with YOs looks great.
Hi Rebecca, thanks for the comments,
Visited your blog:
Wonderful knitting ! I especially liked the diamond twist afghan and lace scarfs. The swing coat sweater and the halter looks great !

My vest sweater pattern is from Susan Esser :

My baby sweater pattern is from Rae Bullock Creedle:

Couldn’t see the pix in the post, but could in your blog. Great job!

Hi janelanespaintbrush,
Thanks! you took out the time to visit my blog.
Glad to know you liked the sweaters.
I have edited my above post to include the pics.

How cute!

Very adorable! :heart:

Hi psammeadred & Jenelle
Thanks a lot for the comments, glad you liked them.