Applied border knitted wrong sided

Hi everybody!

I’m knitting the No purl Nonchalant shawl designed by Iglinz Crafts. I finished to knit the body, I now have to knit the border.

Directions are: > Do not cut yarn.

Cast on 17 stitches, using knitted cast on.
R 1 (right side): sl1, k15, skp, turn. (The skp joins the border to the body of the shawl.)
R 2: sl1 (with yarn in front of your work), k16.
R 3: sl1, (k1, b1) x7, k1, skp, turn.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 all along the border.
When you have reached the other side of the shawl, bind off all stitches. Cut yarn, fasten off and weave in ends. Wash and block.

So I understand that I have to cast on new stitches on the end of a wrong side row. Then proceed as written.
I did that. At first, the border was twisted. It was strange to knit. But I never did that so I took a chance and kept going. Then a needle fell and the border untwisted. I saw that the border was wrong sided: wrong side border on the right side of the shawl. I frogged it, now I try to understand. I’m on it since yesterday.

I tried to join the designer, but no luck. I’ve watched several videos, but they do garter stitch. My border is brioch.

My brain needs you!
I hope somebody can help me. Thank you!
Good night!

Perhaps you are just casting on the new stitches on the wrong side?

Finish working wrong side row of fabric.
Turn work. Right side is facing.
All stitches are on the left needle.
Cast on 17 sts using the knit cast on method, this method puts new stitches onto the left needle.
Then proceed with the instruction, working the right side.
The first stitches you work will be the new cast on stitches. The last skp of the row uses the last of the new cast on stitches plus one of the previously existing edge stitches of the shawl to join the border to the shawl.

Do you know how to do the knitted cast on?

Welcome to KH. I did a search and found this pattern but the border in the photos doesn’t seem to match your instructions.

R 3: sl1, (k1, b1) x7, k1, skp, turn. I’m not familiar with b1. Is it perhaps a typo and should be p1 or is it defined in the pattern? If it’s a typo, I do more than my fair share of them so I’m just asking to be sure, not being critical.

If all else fails could you work a RS row and start at the other end?

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Thank you for trying to help me.
The b1 mean brioche (knit 1 below).

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I appreciate you take time to try helping me.

I know how to do a knit cast on.
I casted on the 17 sts on the wrong side, then turned my work and started to knit R1 on the right side. After few rows I saw that it was twist where the border and body join. When untwist the sides were reverse.

I tried to reach the designer, but she didn’t reply.
I will try what you suggest: casting on new stitches on the right side. If it twist, it should untwist the good way…
But it bugs me that I miss a piece of the mystery.

Hmm… I’m ot sure how you have cast on the new stitches on the wrong side because knit cast on puts stitches onto the left needle. I can only logically see that they are cast on with RS facing, beginning of the row, all,sts on left needle, cast on the 17 then work them plus 1 sts from the shawl.
Did you cast on at the beginning of a wrong side row??
Have you tried casting them on at the beginning of a right side row instead?

Do you want to post a photo of what you’ve got on the needles?

I made a sample. I tried casting on the wrong side.
Then I tried with stitches casted on right side.

I took pictures and added them on my first post. You can see that there is a twist at the join…
There is something I do wrong and I keep doing it…

@salmonmac, the all wise and all knowing knitting guru. We need you. You’re our only hope. OK, silliness aside if anyone here can suss this out, I’d bet on salmonmac who will also know the right questions to ask.

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Thanks. I suspected I just wasn’t getting the meaning.

I’m sure I’m at fault, but I don’t see what I keep doing wrong with it… :thinking:
Thank you @GrumpyGramma @Creations

Some things are just difficult at first. It’s not really a matter of being at fault, it’s just figuring out what’s happening.

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I don’t think it’s wrong.
The corner you pointed to looks a little strange and not as neat as might be expected because it is being forced to sit horizontally on a straight needle. This border will be at right angles to the shawl fabric. If you allow the border fabric to turn the corner I believe the stitches will lay flat.

To allow a corner turn, so you can see it, transfer the border stitches to another needle, turn this 90 degrees vertically to the horizontal shawl fabric (or on the swatch). Or transfer to a circular needle cable or a yarn thread, something flexible.

This border can be worked flat because it only uses one stitch at a time from the main fabric, but it will look better turned.

That’s my thought anyway. I think you knitted it okay.

I transfered the border stitches on another needle. It unstwisted and the border is on wrong side…

What happens if you lift the border up to sit at 90 degree angle to the swatch square? It still looks to me like this could just be sitting the wrong way. Will it flip up?
Is it 2 stitches you have worked? I mean 2 of the mainm body stitches?

In case you want to see a tutorial. This shows right side facing, casting on stitches, working the border and the skp to attach to the right side of the fabric.

Purple lines and arrow show direction of where the border stitches and border should sit.
Red loop is where your shawlmstitch is being bent over because it is attached to the border in straight needle.
Blue lop is roughly where thismstitch will straighten to when the border turns.
Both sides are showing the wrong side of the fabric and you wouldn’t twist or untwist anything, only change the angle of he border.

You will get past this bit.
Maybe try a shorter border, just stockinette, to make it quicker to work each row and work up the full length of your swatch to get to grips with it.

I don’t understand the 90 degrees angle…

I just pick up the (one) stitch on the edge.

Here’s a video that may help. Knit purl hunter uses a cable cast on which is rather similar to the knit cast on. You could use either but since your pattern recommends the knit cast on and you know how to do that, that’s what you should use.

You’re going to be incorporating the live sts on the needle every time you knit across the border and work the slip one, knit one pass slipped stitch over.
As far as RS, WS, work the knit cast on with the RS facing you. When you finish the cast on the yarn will be at the tip of the left hand needle. Now knit as usual from the left hand needle onto the right hand needle, work the slip, knit, pass and then turn to the WS to knit back to the border edge.

Hopefully salmonmac’s video link will help, but as you’ve mentioned something you don’t understand I will follow it up.
In you photos you are producing a border which is not sitting in its final place. The purple line could be imagined as the needle or the cast on edge and this is rotated, like a clock hand, from 9 on the clock to 12 on the clock. In this photo I have drawn in yello the lines of knitting of the border.


I think a light just turn on in my head. I try it, I’ll be back to let you know if I finally understood :wink: