[B]Our sincerest apologies[/B] for the recent outbreak of pornographic spam posts and if you were unfortunate enough to view them. They were very explicit and disturbing to find on a knitting forum. These posts have been removed, their content deleted, and the posters have been permanently banned.

If you ever find another such post, please report it immediately and all moderators will receive a notice right away. Spamming is unfortunate, but we try to take care of the posts as soon as possible. Most of them are links to sell products, but today’s spams were exceptionally distasteful. Again, we apologize to anyone who was inadvertently offended.

-The Mod Squad

Yeah. . .that was shocking. I have problems with spam on other forums, but have never seen explicit porn spam. Isn’t that illegal? I wonder if you can forward those ppl or that stuff to some agency and report them.

there’s another one just posted i think…i didn’t open it. I don’t know how to “report it”

I think I got it for you, sgtpam! I saw it upload the second it hit this Forum. I moved the entire thread and banned the user by the name of lotocetly.

You can report a bad or suspicious post by clicking that little REPORT button in the very bottom lefthand corner of the post.

Let us (any of the Mods) know if you need help navigating.

Thanks for your concern in keeping Knitting Help clean!
We appreciate your eyes and ears!


WOW…you ROCK! I noticed it was gone as soon as I went back to new messages.