[color=blue][/color]ok… It’s an all points bulletin… Be on the look out for a worsted weight all wool or blend at 16 stitches = 4 inches. I need a yarn that has varigated pinks, purples, whites, lavender, with NO yellow. I had bought some beautiful yarn… only to have daughter burst into tears due to yellow being in it. So… I’m going nuts trying to find said. I found a beautiful Louet yarn… a Gems Opal… but it failed due to being 2 colors twisted together rather than a varigated. Did I mention said daughter is pregnant and her harmones are insane? She has 18 month old daughter, and is waiting for the military to tell her if & when she & hubby (Marine) are moving from D.C. to San Diego! She is 3 months along, and all I can say is thank goodnes for family plans on cell phones… I’ve emailed her dozens of yarn… none that she accepts due to failing the requirements.

So… if find said yarn… I need at least 1200 yds… email me, call me… send me a smoke signal… anything… One would thing with all she has to worry about this would be low on her list… yeah right… as if I could be so lucky

Thanks ahead of time… & good knitting…


Lorna’s Laces?

I can match the color, but it’s not wool and may need to be doubled to get that gauge.

Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby in Sweet Cheeks

Hugs to your daughter, as if being pregnant and having to move are not stressful enough! What project are you going to be making with the yarn once you find the ideal one?

Malabrigo has some gorgeous colors, I found their gauge is 4.5 st to the inch on 7 to 9 needles. It’s not superwash though, and unfortunately a little pricey too, I think about 13.00 a skein for 215 yards. You might be able to shop around and find a better price though. It’s incredibly soft!


Sorry, I’m making my granddaughter, daughter’s daughter, an afghan… So it does need to be machine washable & dryable. This is after I had already made blankets for granddaughter, but daughter had decided granddaughter needed a special afghan from me… lol If I didn’t love them all I’d go nuts. Now if the military would just decided one way or another… this has been up in the air for 5 months literally!.

Thanks for all the help… Pics are being sent to daughter…*fingers crossed


Ingy’s right… Lorna’s Laces Shepherd yarns are machine washable…

Check the worsted-wt colors (especially Wisteria!) HERE

Also, maybe plymouth encore would work… color 1735??

Just a thought, but can you cut out the yellow sections??? :thinking:

I showed the daughter the Patrons… she rejected it… to boyish… & I thought of cutting out the yellow, but tooo many knots. I’m going to wait a bit and ask her in a few months when the Marines decides if and when they are moving then maybe her emotions will be even for more that 10 seconds. Thanks & hugs to all that helped. I’ve saved them for that 15 seconds of sanity…