Anyway to make bamboo needles more slick

Noticed when knitting with this particular yarn that it seems to be difficult to move along the needle. Is there any chance there is a way to make my needles more slick. Otherwise, I’ll just switch to aluminum.

This doesn’t answer your question but I just wanted to say that I love your handle! :rofl:

Some yarns respond that way to wooden needles. Anything you could add would come off on the yarn…if you sand lightly that might take the finish off the needles and make the problem worse. Sometimes it pays just to have a set of additional metal needles for certain yarns, or, use circs as straights.

WAX PAPER !!! Just take a piece of wax paper and rub, rub, rub … works great! I purchase “less expensive” bamboo needles for my Kids Knit group and the first thing we do is the wax paper rub !

Debbie is the wax paper queen. :slight_smile: Good idea. I thought of rubbing over with a wax candle but thought it would not cover evenly etc and may come off on the yarn but that is a good idea.

Yep, I too use the wax paper treatment, seems to work very well for me! :slight_smile:


My husband gave me some sand paper called shark paper. Very fine, cloth like. I used that and the wax paper.
I did find that I had to use the wax paper several times but then I was good to go.
That what I get for buying cheap needles off ebay. My bargain was not a bargain.