Anyone working on Knitty's Entomology shawl?

It’s here:

I’ve never done lace before and I’m struggling, and wondering if someone can help. It says to CO 43 stitches. But when I do that, I end up two stitches short. The chart says there are 45 stitches in the first row, which makes me wonder if there’s a typo. But then, when I CO 45 stitches, work the first row, and then work the second row, I end up with several extra stitches. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I dug up a write-up of the chart from Ravelry, thinking that was my problem, but the same thing happened. (it’s here:

Any ideas? I’ve started over at least 4-5 times and am close to giving up, although I don’t want to. I just keep making the same mistakes over and over again, apparently.

My printer is wigging out on me so I can’t get the chart to print. It’s too small (and sideways) on my screen so i can’t read the numbers well enough. So I went to the written word page and counted stitches. I do get 43 on row 1. There are 6 increases and 4 decreases so you’ve added 2 stitches to 45, the correct count for row 2.

same with row 2 - there 45 stitches, 6 increases,4 decreases so gives you 47 for the next row.

Are you doing the yarn over’s correctly? Just count the yarn around the needle, don’t count the next knit 1 as part of the YO.

Maybe it’ll help to put stitch markers across the row to help counting.

Are you making it with the beads? I think stringing all those beads would make me go bonkers! It will be impressive when it’s done!

Yeah, the YOs throw the st count off if you don’t do them correctly. I see chart A was revised July 7, so if you printed it off before, it may contain errors.

Ok, I feel better that you’ve verified that there are 43 sts to start. I’ll try again. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong with the yos. This is my first knitting project after a 14-month hiatus (I had a baby) so I’m a little rusty. Thanks for your help!

ETA: I’m not doing the beads. I’m not sure I even understand how that works. :slight_smile: And I printed the chart two days ago, so I know it’s up to date.