Anyone willing to go read this and give me your advice?

:knitting: Please!! if there is anyone out there that is willing to do this for me… if you could go to Knitting Pattern Central… into the Knit pattern directory… under Christmas… then the first Christmas Stocking pattern… I’m sure there is something wrong with this pattern… I’ve not made socks… and people keep telling me to "just go with the pattern, but I left with stitches after following the “row 1” and something seems just WRONG… I will quit if it’s a mistake, but don’t want to give up if it’s just me… Nicky Epstein is not any “small potatoes” kinda designer… Please help… Thank you in advance… Barbara

[B]Heel Flap:
[li][I]Arrange stitches on needles so that needle #1 has 18 stitches, and needles #2 and #3 have 9 stitches each. The heel will be worked back and forth on needle #1.[/li][/I]
[li][I][B]Row 1:[/B] Slip one stitch as if to purl, K1, repeat section between __ until the end of needle #1, turn work. [/I][/li][li][I][B]Row 2:[/B] S1, purl across, turn work. [/I][/li][li][I][B]Rows 3-9:[/B] Repeat rows 1-2, ending with row 1.[/I][/ol]The first stocking pattern I look at is the Basic Sock with Satin Bow. Is that it?[/li]
On [B]row 1[/B] and all the odd rows for the heel, you’re going to slip one stitch, knit one stitch all the way across all the stitches on that needle (18 after you’ve rearranged them.
On Row 2 and the even rows, you’re turning your work and purling these stitches.

If this isn’t the pattern, let me know.

Oh Ingrid than you so much, but it’s NOT that pattern… it’s the one with all the embelishments on it by Nicky Epstein… white background and it’s done on 2 needles… I think I would “get it” it I’d chosen a 4 needle item!!.. But now I’m just being stubborn… I prefer the 2 needle and want to make this pattern… if your willing to search “the stockings” on KPC I’d be soooo greatful…my computer will NOT link… have tried it all but something’s missing… sorry I have to do it this way… Barbara

To Link, all you need to do is copy the url in the browser address line when you’re at the pattern page, or right click on the link at KPC’s list and copy. Then come back to your post and paste it in.

Is this the stocking you are talking about?

Christmas Stocking by Nicky Epstein

What part of the pattern are you having trouble with? Is it row 1 of the “Divide for Heel” section or row 1 of the first “Turn Heel section”?

Part of doing socks, when you are turning the heel, is that there will be stitches left on your needle at times, and you will turn the your work and leave those stitches alone. In other words, they will be left un-knit for a little while, you just ignore them. They won’t be forgotten forever though, you’ll come back to them later.
(I’m not super familiar with gusset socks, I prefer short row socks. So I may be wrong about exactly what to do with the style of stocking you are trying to make.)

This is a heck of a big link, but it’s what came up I can also copy the pattern if anyone wants… Thanks again to all that have the patience to help me out… bj

If you find it… my problem is what to do with the stitches left on my LEFT needle after doing that first “Divide for Heel” row… ???
Further down the pattern at “Gusset & Instep” refers to 27 sts from Holder… maybe that’s the stitches I’m referring too??? Really being stubborn… I should just say to heck with it… bj

It looks like when she has you divide up the stitches and slip to holders she mistakenly says 17 stitches for instep instead of 27. You would work 13 stitches for left side of heel and 13 stitches for right side of heel and and after picking up gusset stitches you add back in the 27 instep stitches.

I saying more than “thanks” to all of you…while I’m not a 4-needle knitter… I worked in a yarn shop most of my life and don’t usually have a problem with patterns… if I do I just say “not for me” , but I so LOVE this Christmas stocking and all it’s embellishments!!! Plantgoddess… you have comfirmed my thought… it just seemed like something did not add up!!! Thank you again… I"m new here and am looking forward to some really good things… bj