Anyone who's used KP Palette for socks, please read

I’m making a pair of socks with Palette, and I was wondering how many balls it took to make a pair?

I can’t remember exactly, but more than one, and less than two.

Palette is not superwash, I think. Are these special dressy socks?

I don’t mind things not being superwash. I do a small batch of handwashed clothes every week anyway, so what’s a few more socks :slight_smile: I was just wondering how many balls it usually takes for the average pair of socks.

The reason I ask is that the pattern I was using (Lifestyle toe-up sock pattern on Ravelry) said it should require about 400 yards. I only used half a ball of Palette for one sock!

I htink Palette would be nice for socks for myself. Check the yardage on other sock yarn. If it’s close the the same as a 100-gram ball of sockyarn then you can do two socks.

It took just under 1 skein for a child size pair for my 4-year-old. I haven’t made any adult-sized socks with it though.

I found that some patterns for socks eat up more yarn than others. I generally use 1 1/2 to 2 skeins.

I make socks with the Pallette and it takes two for an adult socks.
You will have some left over from each ball.
The socks are really soft once made. I make socks for my husband because of he is diabetic . He just loves the way they feel on his feet. I have most of the colors so I do make a lot of socks.:aww:
So enjoy making your socks. I just love making them I always have a pair on the needles.:slight_smile: