Anyone Watch American Gladiators?

Did anyone watch? Boy, it brought back memories of watching it in the 90’s!!! I figured that my daughter, who is very athletic and competitive, would enjoy it.
She was like, :whoosh: . She didn’t really get into it. Course, my son, teen that he is, loved it!

I watched it and i loved it!! i used to watch the old american gladitors. I could do without wolf howling though. that was annoying. The eliminator looks sooooo hard. those poor people looked so beat by the end.

It was awesome! I remember watching it when I was growing up. I agree- Wolf was a bit much and Titan looked fake, but otherwise it was all around a great tv experience!

I agree I thought Titan’s face looks like a cartoon character out i thought he was the most nicely built one. I found out he was a multi time Mr. Universe.

The show is great! I used to watch American Gladiators back in the day. It was great then and it’s great now! :yay: :yay: :yay:

I could do without Hulk Hogan though…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: his commentary didn’t add much did it?

DH and I agreed that Titan should have his own comic book or something. He has that whole square-jawed, all-american superhero look going on. Crush has the best hair and I’m trying to convince my daughter to cut her hair like that.

:roflhard: :rofl: Man the WGA strike is starting to get painful!
I used to looove this show as a kid and it’s just as cheezy delicious now. I watched tonight’s show. I love that they kept the old school events. And this new Eliminator looks BRUTAL!

Yep, I admit. I’m a Gladiators fan. I used to watch the old one years ago and was thrilled to see they brought it back. Just like old times.

I don’t mind Wolf and his howling. Toa is the one that I think was kinda dorky. What was that Ooo ahh haa stuff anyway?? LOL Titan looks like a Roman God… too perfect to be real. Mayhem is just scary.

Ok…what about Helga? She scares me! She only participates on one event too! :roflhard:

Helga WAS scary! I told my husband, that’s what I would look like on steroids!! :roflhard: She wasn’t built quite like the other girls! I wouldn’t want to take her on!!