Anyone use Pedi Paws for their dogs nails?

We are at our wits end with clipping our dogs nails. You wouldn’t believe the positions we have to get in and how long it takes to do it. She fights us so hard, it’s exhausting. I was just wondering if anyone has used this tool for their dogs nails? If you have, does it really work? Is it really painless? Can you cut the nail too short and make it bleed?

And yes, we do it after her walk at night so she’s good and tired, but once I touch her nail with that clipper she wakes right up. We asked the vet if it was okay to use and she said it was, but I’m still leary about getting it. There are a few different models out there and I don’t have one picked out yet, I just included the link for those who didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. :teehee:

try a Dremel attachment on a drill. works well

I’ve been using a plain old Dremel for years. The Peticure is the same thing only with a guard around the drum. I’d stick with a Dremel unless you have a long-haired dog since you have to be careful of the fur getting caught up by the bit.

You still have to get the dog used to the grinder (whichever type you choose) though. Some dogs don’t like the noise, or vibration.

This site has the best instructions I’ve seen for grinding nails.

ETA: You can still go too short with a grinder, but because it takes so little at a time, you can keep checking the nail to see how close you are getting.

I have one and LOVE it:woohoo:and so do the dogs

I just bought the Pedi Paws (the Peticure is too expensive for the exact same thing). I’m hoping to comes soon and works as well as I hope. Our Sunshine fights us too. But if I’m filing my nails she comes right over and sticks her paw on my arm like “do me next”. And she doesn’t mind me doing it, so I’m hopeful the Pedi Paws will do the trick.

Don’t have a dog but I use a belt sander on my toenails :shock:

Thanks everyone. We thought about using the Dremel too, of course DH would get a new toy if we go that route. :wink:

I keep hearing that from people
what guage grit do you use?


I have seen them, and they do look just like a Dremel. Of course, the commercials show a cat, but never really trimming on the cat! I can’t imagine trying to get the cats to stay still for that! As is, I have to do one paw at a time, DH puts said cat in blanket, holding, one paw out of blanket at a time!:roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

We just received our PediPaw in the mail and have used it. Our dog, Dozer, didn’t fight it and we love it. Best 19.99 I’ve spent!

I don’t have one but will order one now, after seeing the reviews here. Daisy is awful. It’s a 2 person deal to clip her nails.

I know, this may sound horrible, but my DH has to pin her down while I attempt to cut her nails. It looks awful, if someone were to walk in the room it would look like we were torturing her!! I feel horrible, but we have to do it. We even tried taking her to the vet and have them do it and it didn’t end well at all. So we took it upon ourselves again. We try and do 2 paws and take a break and do the other 2. She acts like I’m making her bleed all over the place and she fights so hard. And when we let her up for the break she acts like nothing is wrong!! Little booger.


I’ve been thinking about getting one too. My dogs are pretty good about letting me clip their nails, but the clippers leave their little toenails so sharp! I’ve tried a Dremel on them and they were ok with that too, but they kept trying to sniff and lick it so I like the idea of the shield for protection.

I think you people have convinced me :slight_smile:

I’m so glad to read these positive reviews. My Maddie acts like we’re torturing her, even though we’re no where near the quick, and the clippers are big enough to do a good job.

Just wish the S&H wasn’t so much on these things. The cheapest I’ve seen is $7.98 for S&H, any one seen it better anywhere?