Anyone use Patons Stretch Socks?

Ravelry reviews for this yarn seem mixed. Has anyone here ever used it and have any pearls of wisdom for me?

Church ladies donate bags of yarn to my mom for crocheting prayer shawls. In this last bag was a lot of sock yarn and patterns. I actually love knitting socks and my mom likes wearing them so…I’ve never seen Patons Stretch socks before but it seems like a good weight for summer. It is like knitting with elastic !! The gauge is for 3 but I would think closer to a 1.

It seems to have been discontinued. It looks like a good warmer weather blend. No socks for me today. I don’t expect to wear wool socks till fall.

Here are the reviews on Amazon.

As far as I read, the complaints were mostly about color and not quality of the yarn or ease of use. Those latter reviews all seem enthusiastic.
Let us know what you think if you go ahead and knit a pair. Maybe a pair of baby socks would be a small test?