Anyone use Lion Brand Pom-Pom Maker to finish off knitting?

My project asks for a pom-pom and I have the Lion Brand Pom-Pom makers (3 plastic disks). The problem is that I’ve lost the instructions for how to use them and never have used them. I always make pom-poms by wrapping around cardboard. I’d like to try a pom-pom on these little discs - but can’t seem to find instructions on the Lion Brand website. Does anyone know how to use them?

Is this the pompom maker that you have?

Here are instructions for creating your own(excluding the pipe cleaners ;)). The only difference is that the two disks you have have a ridge on the one side so your scissors can get in there more easily to cut the yarn.

Thank you SO much!!! :smiley:

I had the same question… I just found a set at the thrift store! Thrilled to know how to use them! Thanks!

There is a video on you tube showing how to use this pom pom maker. Look for lion brand pom pom maker.