Anyone tried this trick for LT cast-on in the round?

While browsing the web, I came across thistip about how to get rid of the jog when joining and make the edge neater when using long-tail cast-on for items knitted in the round and I was wondering if anyone else had tried it?? Does it work?

I have used a variant of this for joining the round…and LOVE it. I actually found it as a tip here in a thread for making socks. The slipped stitch makes the join much easier for me.
I can only imagine that adding the change in diameter would help with the looseness too.
I tend to knit in my tail anyway…just makes sense to me, so that I don’t have to do it with a needle later…
Just my two cents…


I’m gonna try this, too. WOO HOO!!! Hope it’s better than that blooming hump! Thanks for sharing… Mary

I don’t use the 2 needle bit, but I do CO one extra stitch and slip the first one to knit together with the last stitch. It does make a lot nicer join than just trying to knit tighter on the first stitch.

Another method some people use is just co the right amount and swap the first and last sts (pull one through the other) and start your round. It’s not as easy for me as the other. Sandy has a video in a thread here that shows it. It’s somewhere…

I really appreciate these posts. I’ve always knitted my tail in with my working yarn but crossing the first and last sts or doing the extra st and knitting together really helps! The tutorial is great and I’m gonna try all three methods to see which suits me best. :muah: :muah: Mary

I do the switching the first and last stitch trick. I learned it when starting to knit socks and haven’t looked back