Anyone think that WOTA

is not a worsted weight yarn? I put it up next to some Lamb’s Pride and it is quite a bit smaller. It really is kind of sport weightish to me, and I did a pair of armwarmers today in it and got 5 1/4 sts per in on size 5 dpn’s.

Anyone else have this experience, or am I going crazy here? Do you have the same problem with any other knitpicks yarns?

I couldnt find anywhere on the label where it listed what it was, made me nervous when I received my order because i use lambs pride so much. I wasnt crazy about it, but found other uses for it in lighter weight non felting items. I would be interested in knowing what weight it is listed ad myself. I found I do like it after all for my bow tie scarves, one ball will finish one if i cut out a couple rows, and it looks nicer than the one I did in lambs pride.

The label says it is Worsted, needle size 7-8, 4.5 to 5 sts an inch. There is just no way that that is right. You would have to be holding the yarn in a vise with a winch attached to be knitting tight enough to need an 8 with this yarn.

I’m looking for something to make a nice cardigan out of, and was hoping this was it. Now I am looking at Andean silk, and I am definitely just going to add a ball to an order to check out the “real” weight before I commit.

I would call it a light worsted. I dont think its thin enough to be DK. I wouldnt use it for anything not intended to be felted, anyway…its not soft at all.

I’m knitting an entire sweater out of it Kelly :shock: and actually it softens up quite nicely with washing. It’s not the softest thing in the world but seems solid and sturdy. I think it’s fine for sweaters that you’ll be wearing something under.

I agree, it’s a light worsted. I knit it on size 5s and get a gauge of 5 sts/in but then, I’m a loose knitter.

The Andean Silk looks loverly. For $1.25 or so Knitpicks has sample cards, so you might want to try some of those to check weight; you can get a decent idea of it from the snips.

I am now a little concerned about my felting project. I am using WOTA to make a yoga mat bag. Softness is not a big concern. I bought the WOTA since the Knitpicks site says it felts well. I hope it comes out ok.

wota felts great…no worries

I feel better now. Hoping to knit the strap during my lunch today, so I can felt it tonight. I am excited and nervous!


I agree, it seems like a light worsted. But I’ve found that what one brand calls worsted can vary from another.

It’s like statistics and clothing sizes…they can make it be almost any “weight” they want, within reason.

yeah. In europe, I’m “slender with red hair”

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling: