Anyone sell on Etsy?

I just made an Etsy account because I want to post a few items at some point. (soaps, knitted things, candles, etc etc)

Is it worth it? Do people actually buy knitted items??
I am not looking to be rich but at some point, I’m going to need to support my yarn habit XD

Well, I can’t say that i’ve bought anything yet. But if I had the money, which I may in the comming month or so, I’d buy something if it was quirky and cute.

I have a ton of yarn in my favorites… just waiting to be bought though… :smiley:

I’d say go for it. You never know until you try. :slight_smile:

Whats the link to your shop? :smiley:

I’ve got some ideas for small things, as well as a few medium and bigger things. It does cost a little to list your items, but I guess nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?

Of course this is for down the road a bit, so we’ll see :slight_smile:

I have sold on Etsy before, and bought a few things. It’s worth a try at least. The good thing about Etsy is that it’s all handmade stuff so the shoppers are there for the handmade goods, not necessarily a bargain like on Ebay.

If you sell hand dye yarn to sell, where do you get the yarn from?:??

Silver: Good point!
Femininistmama: Not a clue! I’ve never dyed my own yarn :slight_smile:


Aww, Congratulations!

I luuuuuvvvv etsy! I’m strictly a buyer and use it much more than ebay because you can talk with sellers, get to know them and they do custom orders…:notworthy:

hope i have more sale on esty to!!

I love etsy as a buyer- I enjoy finding adorable hand made goods for gifts. and, as someone who understands what goes into making hand made goods, I’m not expecting wal-mart prices.

Key things I look for are: unusual items, full and clear descriptions (dimensions, materials, care instructions), good pictures. also clear indications of shipping estimates (time and costs)

Personally, I’m not looking for handtowels or scarves (easy, standard items)- but I might buy an unusual sweater, cool handbag, or interesting pattern.


I sell on Etsy. I’ve had a shop since January. I’ve been buying more than I sell though, so I’m hoping it will pick up.

I have a shop ( AND shop there. I’ve purchased a knit bag and knitted jewelry, and I make yarn jewelry and accessories.

I just started earlier this month, and I’ll see how it goes eventually. I have big hopes, but I’ve got to make more items and keep working.

Basically I’ve learned one cannot be casual about it and be successful. It has to be your dream and you must treat it like a 2nd job. In order to sell a lot, they say to list about 2 items a day. I’m not doing that yet, this past week I haven’t been well, then the “heat wave” came, a time I never do anything - ha. Plus the forums on Etsy (you’re suggested to use to get the word out - but it hasn’t gotten me buyers yet, although I find shops to buy from - sigh) are soooooooo addicting, you end up not working at all.

I am just waiting for the heat to end, and I already have two finished items to photograph, but it’s too hot in the light - ha ha.

Good luck - and I hope you enjoy Etsy!

Here is the dyeable yarn I’ve found:

Here they don’t have products to buy yet, but it’s coming soon:
Looks expensive based on the link that lead me to it, but I think they’ll have a good selection.

I haven’t found nylon…

You can also get roving and dye it, then spin it, or spin it then paint it, etc.

I REALLY want to start hand painting yarn! Great variegation that way.

When I get ready to sell, I want to have a stash of items. I already have a few items I could sell, but I want to have a bit of a stock first, you know? Plus I already have homemade candles and soaps that I sold on my website, but the host that was responsible for my domain name messed up the DNS entries which makes it not work. I’ve been trying to contact them for 2 days with no luck. In the meantime I guess I could use etsy for my candles and soaps, but the main point of it was to use it for my other handcrafted items (beaded stuff, knitting, etc etc)

OK, I listed some non knitting things on Etsy. I really like their tools and it was easy to set up!
How does it look?

If only they made monitors with “smell-o-vision”… :smiley:

Looks great… I’ll add you to my favorites so when I get working again (only another month or so!) I’ll come check you out. I love candles… I’m eyeing up the strawberry cheesecake :smiley:

[SIZE=6]:heart:THANK YOU!!! :heart:[/SIZE]
I had never ever heard of ETSY til tonight! TOO WAY COOL!

So you can buy undyed yarn from a compnay then hand dye it (painted yarn, etc) and then turn around and sell it on esty?

Hi! :waving: It looks very professional! I like the green gingham and sunflowers added to the display! Nice touch! Good luck!