Anyone seen the latest email from KnittingDaily?

It sounds like they are listening to the knitters out there. The latest one is about sizing, about how they thought they were providing the sizing for “plus size” knitters. They end up asking everyone to take a survey about sizing to better fit the needs of the reader. I thought it was great that the mag is recognizing this and are trying to address it for future issues.

Well, I am new to fitting garments. I have made a couple of sweaters that basically fit, but that may be more luck than anything between my sloppy measurements and gauge issues.

Now, I think the bust measurement is supposed to be across the widest part of the chest (ok boobs), taken with the bra on? Is that correct? I want to be sure before I submit.

I fit into their size spectrum ok, but I agree fitting the majority of us is important and I’m glad their doing this.

I do like all the questions knitting daily is asking. and I’m glad they are really Reading the answers people give to the questions!! most of their stuff is a little advanced for me (I’m hoping to work up to making the Tomato Sweater this fall and that Icelandic shawl scares me to death) but I really like reading all the tips, hints and ideas for making my knitting better. the emails seem really genuinely interested in the knitting community, and I think that means we will keep getting a quality product. (and I hope they don’t eliminate the smaller sizing… I hope they just add more sizes!)

I usually don’t have problems with things fitting in the chest area… it’s the fact that they are always so darn short or if they are longer they don’t make allowances for the fact that some womens hips and/or saddlebags(suitcases in my case) are the same or a larger measurement than the chest.

I know!!! I hate that! :hair: