Anyone need Vogue mag's Fall 2005 and Spring 2006

I have recently acquired these two mags…anyone looking for them Thanks Cheley

I would love them, but I’m all the way over here :pout:

Tell ya what…you pay postage…and they are yours!!! Let me know Cheley

Sounds great to me! Could you find out what the postage is and let me know. Do you have PayPal?

Sure can… I have Paypal, but some “hacker” just recently messed around with it, so I have to wait (7 to 10 days from this past Monday) to receive a security letter, then they will re-instate my account…URGH…anyway, I will stay on it and let you know…Thanks

Oh my gosh, that’s scary… now I’m a bit afraid of PayPal. So much for security!

Sounds excellent to me, just let me know the verdict.

Yea, it is scary…although they are taking “great” precautions by sending me (thru the mail) security verification info…that way they know for sure it’s me…So, they are “on the ball”, although my account is on hold…but it’s o.k. I’d rather have it that way, then someone else using my account…YUK…I’ll keep you informed, the mags aren’t going anywhere!!!..thanks Cheley

Hi checked my acct, can receive funds…just not send any…pm your info and I’ll get these to you…let me know how you want them shipped too…Thanks Cheley