Anyone make a Shrek vest?!

I have this funny problem lately: (not so funny after all) I start knitting like a back for something thinking I know what I have in mind and maybe I can wing it, then I get in trouble coz I’m not that experienced. Anyhoo, I have this beautiful bulky wine/red/brown handdyed yarn and I figured I could make a simple little vest.

I had that little vest in mind that Shrek wears. I got the back done and figured out how to do the cast offs for shoulders. Now I have to knit the fronts. I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE and there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of simple little vests. I have one old old pattern that has you cast on 3 stitches for the front side and increase, but I hate that pattern. It’s weird.

Wondering if anyone has made a Shrek like vest?

First off good luck, with the shrek vest. Second off please when you finish it post pics and a pattern. It sounds soo cool/cute might see if I can talk my guy into to lol.

Good luck knitting it.:knitting: :thumbsup:

I’d look for bolero patterns. You might find the shape you want with sleeves but just leave them off.

How about some of these:

Thanks Raven, will post a pic although it’s for me not a guy!

Marilyn! You are brilliant. I did do some searches for boleros but gave up when I didn’t find the one I wanted, but that first one, the Straw Taos little vest, I think that’s perfect! Mine won’t look exactly like that but the shaping is what I want… and I’m going to get started on the fronts today. also, I’ve definitely got to make that Drops Bolero, that is so cute and should knit up really fast.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! ! :cheering:

Ha, I just watched this Shrek video after my husband asked me if I posted a picture of Shrek’s vest. Now that I see it again, I didn’t realize it’s so tiny! Mine is not going to be that tiny, but maybe another one will, esp a summer one.