Anyone know what "2x2 LPC" means?

I’ve just picked up my knitting needles after being away for too many years, and some of the directions in my new pattern are like Greek to me! Does anyone know what “2x2 LPC” and "2x2 RPC"mean?
I’d love to be able to finish this afghan, and I’m hoping some of you verteren knitters might be able to help! Many thanks!:knitting:

Is the pattern you are reading for hand or machine knitting?

towards the beginning of your pattern, there should be some pattern notes with abbreviations that explain these to you.

my guess…put 2 stitches on cable needle, hold in front, purl the next 2 stitches and then knit the 2 stitches on the cable needle. hope that helps.

It is definately for cable knitting. She’s right there should be a glossary at the beginning of the pattern. I find all cable patterns to be unique in the abbreviations that they use.

I don’t know what a 2X2 LPC and 2X2 RPC means, but when I cable and it’s a 4-st RPC and a 4-st LPC.
For the 4-st RPC you would slip one onto the cable needle hold to back then k 3 and p 1 from cable needle.
For the 4-st LPC you would slip three onto the cable needle hold to front p1 and k 3 from cable needle.
There should be a glossary at the beginning of your pattern.
But in any case, LPC means left purl cable and RPC means right purl cable. And I have never seen that term before for cables.
Where is the pattern from a book or from the web?
Hope that helps.

I think the 2x2 probably refers to k2, p2 and would involve 4 sts.

I love a mystery! Does your list of pattern materials include a cable needle? Is there a comma, colon or semi-colon between "2x2 and RPC? Usually a number and x indicates a rib knit like 2x2 or 3x1. I believe a C at the beginning of an abbreviation means cable, however, a C at the end can mean cross. There is a stitch called a Front (left) cross and Back (right) cross. It’s normally knitted over 2 stitches so the P for purl would have to be included. I suppose the 2x2 could mean - do 2 right ones followed by 2 left ones which would give you a double thick V shape. What does the picture of your afghan show? That might help get a solution for you. I can find the pattern stitch for the cross and post it if your pattern doesn’t include a cable needle or explanations for the stitches used. Hope somebody figures it out. You’ve got me interested in finding the answer. Good luck. Jean