Anyone know this book?

I’m looking for a book that recently came out of all knitted cupcakes and a few other food items. I think the authors name was “White” but I really don’t remember. I would appreciate it if anyone can lead me to this book. Thanks:wink:

could it be this one?

Don’t know the book, but has a blogspot that has different kinds of cupcakes…as well as a donut and a slice of pizza. There are links to lots of different cupcake patterns.

Thank you for the suggestions. The book I’m looking for shows some cup cakes on the cover that are made from old sweaters that were felted then cut into rolls and made into the cupcakes. ITs a recenlty published book. I’ll have to dig deeper into my paperwork and see if I kept the information somewhere. Thanks again

I’m not familiar with that book, but I have one called “One Skein” by Leigh Radford that has not only cupcakes but loads of other interesting projects like bath mitts using Aloo yarn from Nepal, felted woolen bowls, sachets, socks, caps… on and on. I love this book!!!

I think you are talking about Betz White

Rainberry, THANK you that’s exactly the book I was looking for. I love how they look on the cover. :hug:

Your welcome! Me too! Too cute!