Anyone know of an interesting sock pattern for dark sock yarn?

I’ve got a really lush dark greens with flashes of golds fingering weight sock yarn and I want to do something great with it, but the yarn is too dark for say the Monkey pattern by cookie a. I can’t think of what to do with it! I want to knit something fun that will show off the quality of the yarn.


Thanks knittinghelp peeps!:hug:

something lacy/yarn overs?

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This is a link to the Tidal Wave socks, the last pair I made in a dark rust solid merino/silk blend from KP. The pattern is very easy and they look simply smashing if I do say so myself.

thats a cool pattern, it looks a lot like the pomatomus sock pattern from knitty! i think i am going to use this instead (so i don’t have to read a chart!!):cheering:

thats a neat pattern. i think i might do this. the lace idea is good, too.


You may want to check this site out. Lots of sock patterns.



Let’s try that again!

I’d make it something with holes as texture can disappear too easily in dark wool.

i think i am going to use this instead (so i don’t have to read a chart!!):cheering:

Actually, I used the chart. It’s such a simple pattern (tho’ I think it looks more involved) that it was good chart-reading practice. I kept track of where I was using a post-it to mark the line I was on.