Anyone know how to knit a scallop leg finish

does anyone know how to knit a scallop leg finish like on these little pants.
Scallop Leg Finish on Longies Link

Looks to me like a CO, a few rows of garter stitch, a few decreases on a RS row, and then 3 rows of increases going in opposite directions. There’s a purl row on the RS at the top of each set of scallops. Then repeat increase pattern.

That’s what it looks like to me–I’d just try it and see what you get.

:lol: what you just wrote sounds like greek to me LOL - still new to knitting - I do know that most of the legs of pants are knit in the round -

what does RS mean?

I know CO means cast-on I think - maybe ???

:teehee: We’ve all been there!

Yes, CO is cast on. RS is right side–in the round, you’ll always be looking at the right side, which makes it easy. To do garter stitch in the round, you have to alternate a row of knit with a row of purl. :slight_smile: Anything else?

ok - so maybe like this one in this pair of socks

Lacy Scallop Socks

the only thing I don’t understand is that I don’t see any holes in this scallop - the ones on the pants leg - like I normally see when there are YO’s and K2TOG in a pattern.

Yes–similar to that. I can’t tell what kind of increase they’re using on the pants, but using a YO without a K2tog is just an increase, and doesn’t make a hole. I’d just play around with it and see what you like. :slight_smile:

They’re there, I think it’s because they’re knit on such small needles, and maybe the kind of yarn, that you can’t see them as readily. And maybe if they were stretched out, like when you wear them, you could see them better.

Ahhh! ok - duh! I feel like an idiot now!