Anyone know any science related knitting patterns?

I am scientist who loves knitting. I would love to be able to knit a little figure in a white coat or anythign really science related. Does anyone know of anywhere that does knitting patterns that are inspired by science?


there are a lot of maths related patterns available by a group called wooly thoughts (not at home can’t find the link for them but you should be able to google it) and if you look in the thread in the general forum about knitting in education i have put a link to some mathematicaly inspired patters. I am also working on a cable pattern for a cabled infinity symbol.

There are several biology inspired patterns available. I say inspired, what i meen is knitting patterns for hugable body parts and organs! mainly wombs but i have also seen intestines, hearts and brains.

As for a little scientist doll, i shouldnt think it would be too dificult to adapt a standard doll/teddy pattern so that it had a lab coat. A tiny knitted, collared, long cardigan would do it i think … with embroidered pens in pocket!

It’s not a doll… but these are cool

I don’t know of any dolls, but here’s a few science related patterns.

MamaDawn… I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone is on Ravelry. :teehee: Best to share the pattern links if you aren’t sure. :wink:

theres baby’s first DNA (a dna model that is stuffed)
Rosalind (illusion knit scarf with a double helix)
theres a moebious scarf (thats science and math sort of)
im sure there are other things, i just cant think of them right now

I saw a vertebrae hat with Kody May Knits

Have you decided to knit any of them?