Anyone know a non-felted sturdy stitch pattern?

I’m trying to make up a pattern for a cabbie/newsie hat such as this one:

and I want to make the sides sturdy enough to not flop over when I don’t want them to. I don’t want it felted because there’d be no give in the hat; nor do I want to make it close to the head because it wouldn’t look like the above picture. Something strong enough to do what it’s told and yet acting like a knit fabric would be ideal.

I was thinking something along the lines of a slip-stitch pattern, something that looks woven, or something cable-y that decreases well and doesn’t require disproportionate amounts of effort (I tried this: and wanted to put my needles through my eyes after about 6 rows). I might also try something as simple as using small needles, but I’d like a bit of texture as well.

Anyone have ideas? Experiences? Handy reference links of sturdy non-felted stitches, or a wonderous book full of the same? I’ll thank you in advance to spur you on!

I found this pattern, if you don’t want the exact one, maybe some variation of it will work.

That’s a good link, but not really what I’m looking for. I know how to construct the hat; I want to make sure I have a stitch pattern (like Linen Stitch, Woven Slip Stitch etc) that’ll keep the sides from being as floppy as they are in that pattern.

Sounds like a job for… Single Crochet.

K so far all I can find for the “Jeff” hat is this link. The pattern isn’t free and it’s crochet. I’ll keep lookin and keep adding links as I find them.
Here’s one in knit also not free.

Try working with a thicker gauge yarn than the pattern calls for with smaller needles so your overall stitch gauge is correct but the tention is much, MUCH dencer. You may need to swatch a few times before you get the right “stiffness”.

That sounds about what I’m going to do. Do you have experience with this? Has the fabric been stiffer, generally?

I have. I made a small bag with Lion Chenille thick and quick on size 8 needles instead of the size 11 or 13 you’d usually use with this yarn. It was fairly stiff, and I tried poking a key through it and it didn’t go through without a lot of pushing.

Am doing a swatch now for a newsboy cap. Trying Bernat Soft Boucle in greys in a double knit stitch. Just y in front slip and K stitch. Seems to be a nice solid fabric. Will use, if necessary, some innerfacing for the brim and think it will look like a tweedy very, very English cap. The beauty of the double knit stitch - you can insert innerfacing anywhere you want it to be stiff. I don’t care for heavy, quick knit yarns. Just a personal fluke.
Ever think of facing instead of the heavy yarns? It might work. If mine doesn’t it’s only yarn. I can rip and restart differently. The caps in stores all have plastic inserts in the brims. Don’t like. Innerfacing comes in all sorts of stiffness from a little to lots. Just enough for a soft but firm support. Jean