Anyone know a good super soft chenille-like yarn?

my friend wants a pair of socks in chenille (real requirement is that they are fluffy and super soft)

machine washable hopefully. she just wants a pair of socks to wear to bed. her feet get cold. shes pregnant and i want to treat her with warm footies. :heart:

any suggestions would be helpful.


I don’t know how well it would work for socks, but my LYS just got a new yarn in by Plymouth- it is called “Oh MY!”, and it is SO SO SO SOFT. Plymouth also has a yarn called “heaven”, but I thought that this one was softer, and it seemed like it would be easier to knit with- it wasn’t as “nubby” as the Heaven yarn is.

Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille is very nice…but, it’s very, very thick & hand wash. I think most all chenilles are very thick & hand wash, though…perhaps others will have some more ideas :wink:

Here’s a pattern for CP Chenille and Whisper:

If you’re looking for a finer cotton chenille,

I think you would have to add some sort of stretchy ribbed top out of another yarn to hug her ankles so that the socks stay on, as chenille is not in anyway stretchy.

Or you could try one of those really soft plush nylon yarns. They are fluffy and veeerrrry soft! Like one of the Moda Dea yarns (not familiar with these).

buy some big dpns at the same time, but try this:

I use a lot of lionbrand products because I’m cheap like that.

RH Baby Teri is super soft and machine washable. I just did a lookup on it, and it’s nylon and acrylic. Since these are for bed, and not normal wearing, I’d try that.

Bernat has just come out with their own version of it… they call it Baby Blanket, but I’ve only seen it in bulk balls, not smaller ones yet.