Anyone Interested in a Fair Isle KAL?


I thought you lived in Alaska Jess.


I spent a summer in Alaska and loved it… but had to come home unfortunately. I realized late last May that I hadn’t seen a midwestern June in four years!


ARGH! I am at the point where I am trying to bind off the underarm stitches and join the sleeves - the shoulder shaping area is worked in the round with 2 steeks holding the sleeves together.

For some reason I always have trouble with bind off X # of stitches instructions… I can never tell just where to put that first bound off stitch. For instance, this one says Work to 5 sts before end of round. BO 11 sts across the last sts of this round and the first sts of the next.

So I worked until I had 5 sts left, then knit st #1, passing it over st #2, and so on. I started counting with st. #1, which means I counted 4 sts before the end of the round (since #5 was still on the needle), and then continued on the other side of the round until I had counted to 11.

When I got to the next round, based on the colorwork pattern, my bindoff was one stitch too late. So when they say work until you have 5 sts left and then bind off 11 sts, do they mean pass stitch 0 over stitch #1? I guess that is what they mean. I ALWAYS have trouble with bindoff instructions and never seem to do them right.

Well, it’s kind of a moot point right now, since I messed up the joining and had to rip back. I guess I now get a second chance at starting that bindoff in the right place!


I am at the pinnacle of frustration with these sleeves! I have tried to join them 3 times and I just cannot get the stitch counts correct or the charts to line up. I think it’s partially because the very first round is a decrease round. It would have been so much simpler to have the first round with the casting on steeks be just a plain round. Anyway, I am at my wits’ end and have ripped the sleeves apart and tossed them in the knitting back without even putting them back OTN.

I may try to knit the caps back and forth. I think that might solve my stitch count/ chart lining up problem. I’m finding the chart in this section confusing. I’ve done plenty of charts with decreases and bindoffs before so I’m not sure why I’m so confused.


the Lusekofte kit. is stranded work(fair isle) and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee te pattern.


the Lusekofte kit. it faire isle or stranded work intarsia or colour work is different as you knit blocks instead and can knit many colours in a row.:knitting:


I bought the kit for Nonna’s Garden Shawl when it first came out. But after having over 30 bobbins hanging off the back I just got turned off. Do you know it isn’t Fair Isle that the shawl is Intarsia?? Now that I’ve tried Intarsia I can say that I truly enjoy Fair Isle much more.
Good luck with the shawl. I see some ladies have completed it over on Ravelry. It is pretty.


I must say that I really like that sweater. Hmmmmm. . . . I wish they only sold the pattern. I’m sure I have enough yarn. Maybe I’ll take a look through my Fair Isle books and see if something grabs me. I’ve been uninspired lately, starting lots of things and finishing none.

Maybe a FI will get me going. . . .


I am knitting a storm troopers hat (fair isle) style, this if my first attempt in knitting and is looking really good. so i’m joining you guys. this is a commissioned project


That sounds like a lot of fun. I tried it once. I made a cowl last year. It turned out pretty :blush: