Anyone Interested in a Fair Isle KAL?

Some of you may have seen my post that I want to do my first Fair Isle project. I thought maybe others out there would like to dive in to some stranded colorwork also!

I had a lot of fun with the last (ok, only) KAL that I did, because it had a great leader (Artlady) and I learned a lot from others’ questions during the KAL. I asked Ingrid and she is willing to help out and answer our questions! :happydance: As you may know, Ingrid has [B][I]a little [/I][/B]experience with colorwork. :rofl:

Since I’m sure we won’t all want to knit the same thing, I’d say any Fair Isle or stranded work is fair game (ie not intarsia). It doesn’t have to be your first project, either. Any additional experience will be helpful to the rest of us! I think I’m going to do the Lusekofte sweater kit from Knitpicks. But you could do mittens, socks, a hat, a bag…

Here are a couple of other ideas (Rav links):
Endpaper Mitts
Harika Socks (I luuuv :heart: these socks)
Sapporo (another one I was considering)
Cottage Garden

I would like to start around Feb 1, to give me time to finish up a few things, decide on a pattern, and get supplies. If anyone’s interested, post here! I’ll make a thread in the KAL folder when we start knitting.

Cmon, you know you want to try some colorful Fair Isle!!! :grphug:

I’ve got a couple things I’ve been wanting to make I think I’m in if I can get the yarn together!:thumbsup:

Fair Isle is one of my goals this year. I want to practice on something to be able to do Nonna’s Garden Shawl I will see if I can find my example pattern and join in. Looking forward to it!

Nonna’s Garden Shawl is a BEAUTIFUL piece but I believe it is Intarsia not FI.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE FI, currently have 3 projects OTN. It’s the best kept secret of knitting, looks hard but it really isn’t and when you finish a project everyone thinks you are a knitting GODDESS.

I encourage anyone who has an interest to give it a try, it’s w WONDERFUL thing!!!

I agree with Ginny, that looks like intarsia. So what are your FI projects OTN, Ginny? :poke:

Maybe I should have opened up the KAL to intarsia, it seems no one wants to join me except Jan. :verysad:

Regardless, I’m trucking along on the 2 projects I need to finish up before starting my sweater, and I ordered the Lusekofte kit. Doesn’t anyone else want to make that sweater? :knitting: It totally caught my eye when I opened the catalog.

Cmon KHers!!!

I have a thistle vest (about 70% done), a baby sweater (completed but waiting for the steeks to be cut and assembled) and an Elizabeth Zimmerman Norwegian sweater about half done. You can see them on my Ravelry page.

I LOVE the Lusekofte sweater and actually considered ordering the kit but I have SO MANY other things waiting to be done.

I must say that I really like that sweater. Hmmmmm. . . . I wish they only sold the pattern. I’m sure I have enough yarn. Maybe I’ll take a look through my Fair Isle books and see if something grabs me. I’ve been uninspired lately, starting lots of things and finishing none.

Maybe a FI will get me going. . . .

I just bought a book called Color Style and it actually has several sweater patterns I would like to knit, and one pair of socks. Some of it is intarsia and other types of colorwork, but there’s a Mohair Fair Isle with bell sleevesthat I think is really cute. The only thing I don’t like is that the sleeves are ribbed and where they decrease on top of the shoulders looks a little weird. I guess it’s hard to do hidden decreases in ribbing.

There’s actually another sweater in there I like a lot also, on the cover. I think that’s just slip stitches and not real FI though. I didn’t like the turtleneck on the one in the book, but the link goes to someone’s Rav page that made one with a plain neck and it looks fantastic!

And there’s a pair of socks I have to haveeven though I don’t really knit socks…

I’m going to start with Lusekofte, though. I think it sucks that they aren’t selling just the pattern, too! I am fine using Telemark because I don’t have anything in my (small) stash that would work. I think I’m going to do a different lower band though - either a hem or corrugated ribbing. I don’t think the plain ribbing goes with the sweater. I can’t wait till my Lusekofte kit gets here!

OMG Ginny that Thistle vest is gaawwwgeous! :inlove:

I like the EZ sweater too. I am getting really into EZ lately. I have the last of her books I don’t already have on order. I might want to do one of her yoke sweaters after I’m done with Lusekofte. I’m so crazy for sweaters right now. It has to be the weather. It’s so cold here, ICK!

Well, I broke down and ordered the kit. Not too bad since I haven’t ordered yarn in 6 months or so. !!! for me!

I’ll let you know when I get it!:happydance:

Temptations, temptations, temptations!

I am making the Fiddlehead mittens from Ravelry right now for my DD. My other DD also wants a pair and I want a pair for myself! I would love to knit along wiith you! (I would post a link, but I am computer challenged.)

Woohoo Ingrid jumped on the bandwagon!

I am about 4" into the first sleeve and I found that some of the rows don’t follow the no floats longer than 5 sts rule. :frowning: The last round had sts 1-54 MC except st 28 CC. WHAT?!

That is so getting duplicate stitched later. :teehee:

Funny you should ask :slight_smile: I have been looking at the sweater in the new Vogue Knitting Winter 2009/10 on page 48. At first I though it was some kind of giraffe pattern, but the designer calls the spots “abstract flowers.” It a design by Josh Bennett. I’ve never done any really big Fair Isle project, but I really like this sweater for some reason. I priced the yarn last night and it’s gonna run me about $155!! My DH said to wait until we see what we get back on taxes and I could get it the.
Got home from work tonight and we had a refund check for overpayment of a medical bill…$157!!! Yay!!
I’ve never been part of a KAL before, so do we all have to do the same project or can we choose?

You know what I’d try? If the stitch on the previous row is CC, then slip it. If that doesn’t work, then the dupe is a good idea.

My order has been shipped!! :cheering:

There’s no law about no floats longer than 5 stitches. You can catch the yarn in the back to prevent the floats from being too long. The Philosopher’s Wool site has a video, but if it’s no longer there, I’ll try to explain it.

Sknitter 56—I think the Fates want you to buy the wool! This particular KAL is anything Fair Isle/stranded. There are just too many options out there to decide on one.

OK I have tried to make this darn post three times now! I’m copying and pasting the text before I hit reply this time!

Mary, welcome and good luck with the Giraffe knit. I think I remember seeing that sweater and thinking it was Giraffe-like. :teehee: Although, I think it is intarsia. I’m at work right now and can’t look it up, though. I only had excluded intarsia from the KAL because it’s really a totally different technique than stranded (AKA Fair Isle) knitting.

Here’s my progress on the Lusekofte sleeve. I am sure this is the only time I will be ahead of Ingrid. But that’s a good thing, because then she’ll be able to answer all of my questions. :mrgreen:

There is a Knit a Norwegian KALgoing on at Ravelry (that I didn’t find out about til yesterday)!

They are in week 4 and they knit like lightning, but I put a post up there anyway. They have 134 members, so some of them are bound to be stragglers. :slight_smile:

PS, I tried to view that Philosopher’s Wool video last night but it just said “loading” forever. I have broadband at work so I don’t think it’s me… :frowning:

Laikabear, that sleeve is beautiful! I have the outside of one mitten done and will try to get a pic soon. Here is the link for the mittens (on Rav).

Farmgirl what yarn and colors are you using? :poke:

Those mittens are gorgeous! I have thought about trying them but I don’t think it gets cold enough here for mittens. Fingerless gloves maybe? :slight_smile: