Anyone in the uk

hi sarah here iam looking for anyone in the uk

Im in the UK, Near Reading.
Today the sun is shining and I am struggling with a James Brett pattern… never seen instructions like it… weird… unfortunately they are so long and complicated I cannot even post them up and ask for help… I think I will have to do a graph and see how it goes…

hi iam from newpot. hope you wrok it out. sarah:cheering:

I am in the U.K near Newbury Berkshire.

At the moment I am knitting for charities local to this area. It is an ideal way to get rid of the odd balls of wool stashed away.

Hope you work out your pattern.

:knitting: :knitting:

Me!!! Hiiiiiii!

Me too. Were in hastings


I’m just north of Preston in Lancashire. Anybody else near me.

Sadly, not me (yet) but my mother-in-law lives near Nottingham and is a great knitter and cross-sticher. :slight_smile:

Me. I’m in Sussex, southern england. Adichappo, are you hoping to move to the UK?

“Hoping” being the operative word. My husband and I would like to eventually move back there, but money is the big hurdle right now. Someday though…:wink:

Know the feeling, hubby and I would love to move in the other direction as we love being in the USA and our son now lives in washington state with his new american wife. :heart: But, health insurance costs are worrying. We would also need to kidnap our other son and [U]his[/U] new wife and bring them too!:wink:

I’m from the UK too! West Midlands. Currently working on trying to knit a largish teddy bear for a friend of mine who’s in hospital ill to hopefully cheer her up a bit but its taking longer than i thought as Its in st st and for some reason going from a purl to a knit stitch my purl stitches are rather tight but the other way round is fine.

yakima here… round up everybody - washington’s the BEST! :wink:

Hello! I’m in the UK as well. Near Chester. There is a local group which is quite active. Unfortunately we are limited to 16 people in the building which means we can’t get any larger. :shrug:

I am just outside of Reading in Berkshire

I’m in Manchester :slight_smile:

I’m in Cobham, Surrey.

Iam in the uk iam from the West Midlands currently in lockdown so in a sense gives me a chance to craft stuff and knit well cross stitch back stitch wha Eva stitch I do hehe but ye nice to meet u all and hope we can all be friends :slight_smile:

As it’s my first time doing wool on aida so may need help :wink: