Anyone have this problem? If so how do you fix it?

This past week (which I have been knitting more getting the Christmas gifts done) my right middle finger will start to tingle like going to sleep while I knit… I knit cont. not sure that makes a difference and I’ve noticed when I stop it will continue to tingle for a bit… if I go to pick up a pen later or fork and just hit that middle finger just right I lose my grip on it cause the finger goes numb… Its a funny feeling I don’t like LOL :?? just not sure what to do about it… :rollseyes:

I do know that carpal tunnel syndrome can affect the middle and ring finger.

Could be carpal tunnel. Watch out especially if you are waking up at night with symptoms.

I feel kinda like that too sometimes accompanied with an ache in my knuckle joint. Around here they say I have carpal tunnel syndrome (my mom and chiropractor stronger think that I do)…so, I’d try to get it checked, unless you don’t have any aches or anything in your wrist…

Thanks guys I was hoping that I was holding my needle wrong or to tight and irritating a nerve :lol:

My wrist doesn’t bother me just that middle finger dh thinks I should lay low on knitting but umm… yeah thats hard to do cause I can’t even watch TV now without knitting always have to have something in my hands when I have a down minute… I have a scheduled dr appt. in Jan… I’ll ask her then what it is :rofling:

yep, I also have that problem with GRIPing the needle at times. it’s like it must be stressful at points.

you might want to try one of the carpal tunnel wrist thingies they sell at places like Walgreens or target. Not very expesive and will give you extra support. Also…maybe you are gripping too tight. I find myself doing that without realizing it right away quite a bit.

Thanks guys I’m gonna try holding it differently or not as tight… I’ll look into the wrist wrap too this weekend and try that :thumbsup: