Anyone have this new book?

Does anyone here have the book “Mother of Purl” by Edith Eig? :rollseyes: She has a show on DIY that is called “Knit One Purl One” if I remember the name of her show right. Guess a lot of Hollywood stars shop at her store in California. I was thining of ordering the book and just wondered if you saw it?? Thanks

I wasn’t impressed by it. But I’m hard to please. I didn’t like her show either. The designs weren’t my speed. And there was too much emphasis on “Oh Daryl Hannah likes this” or whatever. Who cares. I just want a simple pattern that looks good. Not a lot of foofy hollywood stuff. OK let me stop now before I go to far. :rollseyes:

I didn’t like her show either so I’ve never even looked at the book. You can search inside it at Amazon or maybe check it out at a bookstore first. I hesitate to buy any book unless I’ve seen it first or looked at in in Amazon.

[color=blue][/color]I don’t think you are hard to please at all. I think you are very wise.

I liked her show but I had a hard time understanding her heavy accent. I’m not sure it’s even on tv anymore.

I’ll keep my eyes open for the book at Joanns’ or at the book stores then I’ll decide if I like it. Thanks for your input. :smiley:

I bought the book on Saturday since it had been on my Amazon wishlist for a bit, and the LYS had all books 13% off. haven’t read much of it yet, but so far, in the beginning of the book, she seems egotistical, like she totally changed all these famous peoples’ lives and she was the first to do this and the first to do that and how she was the groundbreaker. but I’m a sucker for all kinds of knitting books, and will probably keep this one :D.

my recommendation: hit the library, don’t waste your money.