Anyone have pattern for felted "clogs?"

It my LYS I saw these great “clogs” that were felted. I’d love to get a pattern for them. They were really simple and i just loved them. I would like to make some for xmas presents. Anyone have any patterns for these?:heart:Thanks guys!

I bought the fiber trends pattern. It looks easy enough. I just need yarn and bigger needle tips for my options.

A lot of yarn stores carry Fiber Trend patterns. You can also get them online a lot of places. They make patterns for adults and children.

There is a Knit-a-long in the KAL forum here for the clogs if you want to see what they all say about them.

Those are the ones. I just need to find a free pattern and i’m all set!

I doubt you’ll find this pattern for free, but it’s only $5 or so. There others that you can use instead though.

There are several on this page-

Another one

I highly recommend spending the $5 for the Fiber Trends pattern – it’s an excellent pattern.

Psquidy, I sent you a private message. Mary

Here is a free felted clogs pattern. not ‘Fibre Trends’ but looks similar.

:fingerwag: Deleted. Illegal copy.

FYI, that link leads to a pattern that is a copy of the Fiber Trends pattern, which is NOT free…totally not cool to copy a protected pattern and put it on the web. (Fiber Trends is aware of this, hopefully they will succeed in getting it taken down.)

The FT pattern is worth every penny IMHO – writing and testing patterns, especially one as complex and cool as this one, is very time consuming, and hard work! I would hope that people would respect Bev’s work enough to compensate her for it.

Just my .02

v.uncool… I agree with Julie!

Buy the pattern! I was able to get it at my LYS (i’m in Australia) and it was still under $10!

It does look good in the Kureyon, though :smiley:

I Agree totally. Apologies to those concerned. I have not read the
Fibre trends pattern so didn’t know it was a copy.
I Deleted the link on my post.

Psquidy, I have two of the Fiber Trend Clog patterns. I sent you a private message. You are welcome to one of them, free of charge… I don’t have any need for the second one and can only figure that I must have ordered it without checking my pattern stash. Mary

I just found these two free patterns on another board: