Anyone have a Kindle?

I just saw it (recorded) on Oprah and it’s her new favorite gadget. It looks really neat! I checked the Kindle store and there are all kinds of knitting books which would soooo cool! It is very expensive and not in my budget at this time, but maybe some day!

Wow, how awesome is that?!

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Interesting, but I’m one of those people who loves the feel of a book in their hands, turning the pages wondering what will happen next…I guess I’m just very tactile.

Don’t think this gadget would be for me…

Chris - They say that the batteries last for a couple thousand pages of reading before needing to be charged so they probably aren’t a problem.

Miccisue - I like books, too and I don’t think this is for everyone. I do think this would be awesome to keep a stitch dictionary, a book like Knitting for Dummies, etc so when you’re out you’ve got help. Or it would be super handy on vacations when you don’t want to carry multiple books. I can see lots of uses for it. Maybe it’ll come down some day in price making it more affordable for those who do love gadgets though. :shifty: :teehee:

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I know!!! I saw the episode when she did this. I have seen these before on Amazon and thought nah, not for me. But when I saw her demo it I thought it was a great gadget! I thought the same thing about the knitting books. Makes them that much more portable. Way out of my price range though… I’m hoping if the next generation is released they’ll lower the price of this one.
Oh and I love the idea of looking up a words meaning as you’re reading. Great feature

I’ve had a Kindle now going on a year. I have sooo fallen in love with this device! It’s like an ipod for books. I take it with me wherever I go and have had no problems with it. What’s really great is if you find an author you like and want more books from him/her, you can just go to the Kindle bookstore from the Kindle itself and download them. It’s an amazing device!
I used to read a lot and then just sort of fell out of it. Now with the Kindle, I can’t stop reading! You know it’s kind of funny, but now I don’t care to read paper books any more. It’s gotten so convenient just holding the device and using a thumb to flip pages. With a regular paper book I’m finding I have to keep “cracking” the spine of the book with almost every page turn to just keep it open.
Just to be fair there are other e-readers out there, some being cheaper than the Kindle. However Amazon has the best prices for ebooks and the largest selection of ebooks. And no, I am not affiliated with Amazon in any way! I just love my Kindle!:heart:

That may be true, but I think that it would difficult to read a book on something that small. And since they aren’t a dedicated book reader you’d lose a lot of the features that make the Kindle so cool like the dictionary, search feature, downloading, etc. Just my opinion though so if you like reading novels on your PDA or phone go for it. :wink:

Kelley Petkin, owner of Knit Picks did a pod cast not too long ago and talked about the Kindle and getting one. she REALLY likes it.

It’s on my wish list, but I’m trying to hold out for the next version and hope that the price decreases a bit.

Can you download books from Project Gutenberg,, onto a Kindle?

Not a clue, but I think there are some discussion groups on Amazon or elsewhere where you might be able to find out. :shrug:

DH saved the Oprah episode for me, and is going to buy it for me for my holiday gift (early) :woot::woohoo:

I belong to two different book clubs, and also listen to lots of books on tape (which it can play), the savings on the books (and magazine subscriptions) should offset some of the cost.

Plus, if you order by Nov 1, and use OPRAHWINFREY as the promo code, you get $50 off. :mrgreen:

Yeah, Spikey! How fun!

BTW…I did see that magazines (at least Time) is only text so no pretty pictures to look at. Just a heads up if you like them. :wink:

I was REALLY excited when I saw the Oprah show on Friday, then I went to the AMAZON site and saw the price:passedout: . I’d LOVE LOVE LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE to have one but doubt I will unless they come down significantly in price!

It would be the perfect “book” to use on my Treadmill or eliptical.

I am such an avid reader I would love to have one. Even if the Kindle was free I don’t know if I could afford my reading habit. I very seldom buy a book, I’m at my local library every week. If you could do like a netflix where you rent the book for about a dollar and it expired after a month, that would work for me.

Now that is a cool idea!

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I see people driving with road maps open on their steering wheel, while reading magazines or book, while talking on their phone, or even searching in the back seat of their auto!

I don’t want to see people driving with a Kindle in the middle of their steering wheel!

But I know it will soon happen.


My wife told me about this. I’ve read nothing but good things about it. Amazon has a number of books that are in the public domain and are .99 to download. I understand that there are other sites that sell books suitable for Kindle as well.