Anyone had this problem with Alpaca Yarn?

My D.D. ask for a sweater & picked out some wonderful Alpaca yarn. I started on the sweater a few nights ago, I started sneezing & my nose would not stop itching. I thought I just might be getting a cold or something. I put my work away for two days, got it back out last night and it started all over again. I have never been allergic to any kind of yarn. My D.D. will be so disappointed, but it looks like we will need to exchange it for something I can work with. :crying:

I haven’t had an allergic reaction, but I have gotten fibers in my eye that drove me crazy. It could be that the loose fibers are getting in your nose. I’m not sure what you can do about it, though. I doubt you want to knit with a mask on. :wink:

Awwww :frowning: that’s awful…

I sneezed a few times and my nose itched a lot while working with some peruvian alpaca from elann for a shawl, but I think that was just from the alpaca hairs floating around occasionally, wasn’t a full blown allergy, and the shawl itself doesn’t bother me.

I would HATE not being able to knit with alpaca. :crying:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

cough sorry, amusing mental image there… (especially when that mental image happens to involve a gas mask and goggles)

I can’t think of anything you could do about it either, only express my condolences over your loss of alpaca unless someone else can present a solution.

Could you try using a different type or brand of alpaca yarn as a “control” to see if causes the same problem? Is it 100% alpaca or is it maybe blended with something that may be irritating?

I suppose you could dose up with some Benadryl before hand, but then you might end up getting dozy and falling asleep on your knitting! :zzz:

This beautiful yarn is 100% ‘Classic Elite’ INCA ALPACA. I lost my digital camera about a month ago or I would post a picture of the yarn. I have bought a new camera, need to study to figure out how to operate it :thinking: It is a different brand than the one I had.
Thanks for the support. We will be going to the LYS this week end. I hope we find something she will like just as much :pray:

A lot of Alpaca blends are just as soft as 100% alpaca. Maybe you can still get the alpaca feel without the coughing…

I didn’t have an allergy problem, but I noticed that I spent a lot of time picking fiber out of my mouth. I was afraid that I would end up with a hairball. :smiley:

If you put it in the freezer, it will do a freezer felt. It only felts a touch and then you might not have the flying fuzzy stuff that irritates you. Worth a try.

someone messaged me about cotton angora (I used for bombshell) that was shedding and suggested the freezer thing. I thought she was kidding! Does that really work?

Freyja - “freezer felt”? How? Wet it first, or just put in?.. :??

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Putting your yarn or knitted item in the freezer helps keep loose fibers from flying around. I stuff it in a plastic bag (dry) and pop it in.

Well I just got back from my LYS. I took the Alpaca back. The lady told me it was more than likely the dye in the yarn. She said that Alpaca was the least likely for anyone to have an allergic reaction to. I wish I could have worked with it,it was wonderful :frowning:

You have got to give alpaca another try. I had no problems with the worsted. When I bought some bulky it was a nightmare, until I froze it.

I’ve not had trouble with Alpaca Cotton blends, but I do notice the Inca I have had like fine downy hairs that would tickle my nose and make me rub. Then again, so does my cat :rollseyes:
Other than that, no major problems…