Anyone good at computers?

I need to send a large number of pictures from my computer using email and I have no idea how to go about doing it? Any help would be great. Thanks. :muah:

How many pictures are we talking? Depending on the resolutions, you could probably send them as attachments, or you could also send multiple emails.

you could always zip them up into one file using ultimate zip, and then upload it to

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I’m a techie!

One thought is to put them on Photobucket or Flickr, provide your recipient with the url, and let them save them from there.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to send (or receive) a lot of photos via email simply because of the size.

If your server can provide you with access to an ftp server (call and ask), then you can put the photos online and they can be downloaded from there. At my job we get alot of artwork (CD covers) and often times it’s hundreds of mbs at once…so we have the artwork put online, and our printer can get at the artwork using a password.

The question is how many bytes are all the pix combined? If it’s small enough to email reasonably, then just email them directly in zip form.

Do you know where on your hard drive the pix are located? If so, do this: (I’m assuming you’re running Windows XP. If not, this may not work for you.)

1.Right click on your Start button, then click on “Explore”. This will bring up Windows Explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer). Find the directory your photos are located. Most likely they’ll be somewhere under My Documents>>My Pictures.

  1. If all pix are in the same folder, right click on the folder and select “Properties”. It will show you the combined file size for all files in that folder. If it’s more than a few MB (megabytes), you should probably upload them like suggested in the previous replies. If the combined size is not too large, like up to 5 MB…

  2. Right click on the folder again and select “Send To”, then select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”. This will create a single ZIP file containing all photos in that folder. You’ll find this file in the same folder as the original folder of photos (not IN that photo folder, but one level up). It will be called (foldername).zip like or whatever the folder name is.

  3. You can now send this single file to a recipient. Right click on the zip file and select “Send To” again, then select “Mail Recipient”. This will automatically attach the file to a new mail composition using your default mail program, then send the mail as normal.

Oh, also… if all the pix are too big to zip and email, you can send them in chunks. Within the folder of pix, click once on the first photo to highlight it. Hold the shift button, then highlight a pic about 10 or 20 down from the first. You can then right click on them all as a whole and view properties, zip and email them just like as for a folder.

I hope I’m being clear enough. Sometimes I slip into tech talk…

Thanks everyone this helped out a lot. I was able to send them in blocks following silver’s advice. :muah::hug::thumbsup:

Yay! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Given that .jpg’s are already compressed, zipping them doesn’t do much, if anything… :S

True, but it does tie them all together in one neat little package instead of 20 or 30 different files. :slight_smile: