Anyone go to Fuzzy Mabel lately...?

One of the Ya Yas told me that someone from Savannah stopped in Fuzzy Mabel and was talking about me because I had reccomended the place. Thanks! Now identify yourself! hehe.

That would be me, girlfriend :wink: !! That was the 1st stop on our vacation…got some lovely Cherry Tree Hill :cheering: :cheering: sock yarn, see:

WHY DIDN’T YOU LET ME KNOW YOU WERE COMING??? I only live like, 30 minutes away! WE COULD HAVE MET!

Sorry, we didn’t know what time we were leaving & if we were stopping on the way there or back home…I’ll be back…I PROMISE!! LOL, I told the girl working the in the shop and Lonnie that you were going to say that very same thing (head hangs). But…when my leg is better…I’ll be back :wink: Thanks for getting mad @ me for not lettin’ ya know…makes a girl feel special :wink:

That’s okay… I figured something was up if you didn’t let me know. We will have a next time, for sure! And thanks much for letting Cynthia know that I sent you there. She was very pleased!

:?? Doesn’t it say you live in southern CA?

They’ve learned to tesser.

Jan, I haven’t changed my profile yet.

cook, not sure what tesser means…

TESSER … the smartest distance between two points :wink:
We shall indeed…buddy with warp drive :wink: