Anyone from Kansas City?

I am new to the area and new to knitting. Just wondering if there are many people from KC on this site.:x:

:hug: Hello. Yea I’m in the Kansas City area. 15 miles so. I’m new to knitting too. Actually, I’m still practicing casting on!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good for you! I have only been doing it for a week or so, but am in love already.

I live north of North Kansas City on the MO side.

I live about 15 miles south east of the airport.

Maybe we could all get together and have a kint a thon some evening!

I thonk that would be a great idea!

[I][SIZE=3][COLOR=royalblue]I am in Lawrence, come down and visit sometime, and we will ‘window shop’ at yarn barn (oh too expensive to buy) , yea right~[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=3][COLOR=#4169e1]Why do they make it so you can’t leave the stroe without promising your next three car payments to them!!?![/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]

Howdy! Im 63 mi north of KC. Im in Liberty alot so maybe we could get together sometime.

Ive been knitting for while now so maybe we could swap ideas or something.


hey snooze,
I noticed you have “ribbing the cuff” under your name. Does that mean you knit socks?
Im in bad need of some ribbing help.