Anyone ever work in a craft store?

Have any of you every worked in a craft store? Well I have just started at one part time, I didn’t realize how much work is involved.
Measuring and cutting material is harder than I thought.

Yes – I worked at JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts eight years ago. Wait until there is a sale on calico! For me the hardest part was putting the bolts of fabric back – trying to figure out what section it went in – and standing on my feet for eight hours.

I spent way too much of my paycheck there & had quite the fabric stash when I left.

yes! That’s where I am working. Man that is hard. They are really serious about where the fabric goes!!! LOL!!! I only work part time for extra money, but I do work a regualar 8 hour a day job. It is hard being on your feet for so long. It was fun at first, but now it’s really beginning to be work! Yes, I see lots of things I want to get, but I am trying not to go crazy, since I really need the money!:pout: :pout

I worked in the fabric dept of a major dept store many years ago. What really got to me was inventory time. Back then you had to run every bolt of fabric through the measuring machine (whatever it is called) log the amount of fabric and rewind back onto the bolt neatly and put back in rack. I eventually transferred to the sewing machine dept. I even got to sit down while demonstrating the machines.

Oh my I havent’ been there for an inventory yet. I sure hope it’s not as hard as that!!! I don’t mind working hard, but I already have a full time job, and this part time job, 2 kids, cooking, washing, all the good stuff! My husband does help me alot. But, he is a truck driver and is also tired when he gets home. He’s home every night thank goodness.

LOL I’ve worked at a hardware store that has a craft section - some of our fabric we measured by hand but the stuff that was all one number, we weighed and then divided by the weight per yard!

I start at Hancock Fabrics next week though… I’m excited!

Good Luck to you jess_hawk. I hope you like it. I really do like it at JoAnn’s.
Just a lot to remember. It’s fun.

:pout: I wanna work at a craft store …:waah: I so know I would be in alot of trouble though!!! Knowing exactly what is on sale…and when… and omgosh if I were to find another craft to add to my hobbies!!! could be fatal!

I used to work in a craft-ish store…lol…It was mainly a quilt store. Man, I loved that job! We sold fabric, quilt blocks, thread, quilting accessories, everything quilting. It was a small locally owned store on Main Street in St. Charles Mo. Believe it or not, I even actually enjoyed doing inventory there! The only reason I had to leave was my ex-husband and I had moved in together (this was before we were married) and I just wasn’t making enough money to help with all the bills, and, since it was a small locally owned shop, I would never get a raise. I hated having to leave though. They eventually, unfortunately closed. I’d love to work in a craft store again, but, man, the temptation! I don’t know that I can afford to work at one again :teehee:

I would love to work at the LYS I visited this weekend, but I know she’s not hiring & it’s too far away.

I worked in a fabric shop for a month or so part-time once a looooong time ago.

Oh My Gosh!!! I don’t know how to quilt. But, all the ladies that come in the store and buy fabric to quilt. And… they tell me what they are making. Now I want to learn to quilt sooooo bad. Some of the fabric is so cute!!! There is just not enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do!!! & not enough money either!!! :waah:

I used to work at my local JoAnn’s store here in Lakeland. I worked there for about 7 years before I had to quit. And yes I spent a good part of my paycheck there. Ladies who would come in for the calico sales would load a buggy with bolts and bring them to the counter for cutting and would ask for just a small amount of each one.Then another lady would say I want that particular bolt of fabric after you cut hers. It would be like that until I had to leave for my other job. I worked from 9-1 or 5-9 because I work as a school crossing guard. But the thing that really made me laugh were the girls who were looking for tulle to do veils and bird seed bags for weddings. They never knew how much they needed and I was told to help them by the other clerks since they didn’t want to do it. It is easy find out the width of the tulle and the size ot the circle or square they are using for the seed bags.If the tulle is 45 " wide , they could use a square that was 9" square. . In one yard of tulle they could get 5 squares across the width and 4 down the length. So the number of squares they could get from 1 yard was 20 .Width x square or circle = number across and length divided by square number = number down. Hope this will help you if you need to help some one looking for tulle for showers, weddings and such.

Yes, anything will help. Since I don’t sew. I really don’t know much about telling other people how much fabric they will need. I know, I had some girls come in to buy fabric to make Toga’s for a college sorrority pary. LOL!!! They didn’t know how much they needed either. It was so funny.

Most of them bought 2 yards of fabric, and ropes to tie it with. So when the other girls came in, i told them how much fabric everybody else was buying. So they just did that. I hope it was the right amount!!!

So if you work at Joann’s, do you get to use a 40% coupon after taking off the employee discount??

Man, by the end of the week I would probably owe them money instead of picking up a paycheck!! LOL

you know that is really weird, I was just wondering that myself. I will have to check into that. !!! I know that could be really bad. LOL