Anyone ever used KP Sparkles yarn?

I just ordered KP Sparkles yarn in Lagoon and Sunset. I was curious… [color=indigo]Has anyone ever used this yarn?[/color] I plan on using it for a toddler summer tank without using any other yarn with it. It’s a ladder yarn made of 100% nylon. I’m not familiar with ladder or ribbon yarns and how either look when knit. The only pattern I saw linked with it where it was used alone was a shawl. What’s your opinion?

Thanks! :heart:

I haven’t used this exact yarn, but have used the LB Trellis yarn. It looks like the KP version. It was tricky to knit with at first, because my needles kept going in between the ladders. It knits up beautifully, though. :thumbsup:

That looks similar to Sirdar Firefly range, and the stained glass range. I’ve knitted with something very similar (Wendy Melody yarn) but it had a carrier woven into it too. I found it tricky to knit with and it was very springy… still not finished knitting with it, am making a drop stitch scarf with it but I’ve put it to one side, since I’m not happy with how it feels.

The Sirdar Firefly is a gorgeous yarn and also perfect for the drop stitch scarf - I have 2 balls of it waiting to be used, so not yet. You just have to make sure you pick up both tramlines when you knit a stitch.