Anyone ever made "Enchanted Forest" tablecloth?

I have a kind of philosophical question about the pattern - but it would be useless putting it to anyone who isn’t familiar with it …

That’s a beautiful table cloth. So what’s your question? The suspense is killing me! I probably won’t know, but someone else could. I’ve never crocheted with thread but I have knitted it.

Hey there, GG! I’ve just ascertained that I’m right, and that the pattern has an inherent problem. Let me see if I can report it succinctly (for me, [I]highly [/I]unlikely!) …
As you reach the part with the second lot of V shapes - still on the flat part of the tabletop - it goes into a series of rows like this:
[B]shell,ch 5, dcl in next 2 ch 5s, ch 5, miss 1st tr then tr in next 9 trs, ch 5, dcl in next 2 ch 5s[/B] and so on. The only difference in the next row will be the [B]miss 1st tr then tr in next 7 trs[/B]; and this continues over about 8 rows! I started getting anxious quite early, asking myself how this could continue without causing the tablecloth to start turning into a helmet, inasmuch as there is no increasing going on at all.
And I was right: it started becoming a kind of large cloche. So I increased all those ch 5s, row by row.
I would dearly love to find someone who’s made the bloody thing … :??

We have some excellent crocheters here, MGM comes immediately to mind. One or more of them might be able to help you figure it out even if they’ve never done that particular pattern. Good question, I hope you get it resolved. I’d love to be able to say I’d made something like that.

I started to increase the 5chs too late. I’m going to have to pull out the last umpteen rows and begin to increase the 5cm spaces to 6 then 7 then 8, etc., right from the first row of the sequence.

Hi GG and Marg1e! Thanks so much for the recommendation! This is a lovely pattern you are making Marg1e! I have done quite a bit of thread crochet and would love to help you out on this project. However my handwork time is extremely limited now and for the next couple of years as I have returned to college and am working towards a registered nursing degree, so I can’t take on projects that will distract me from my studies. If I do get a hankering for a good thread project, I may consider working on this one, but I can’t commit to it. I’m so sorry, because I would dearly love to work this up and share the solution here and with the publisher.

If you come up with a solution, do share it, and don’t be afraid to contact the publisher and share it with them too. You wouldn’t be the first person to run into this problem!

Good luck!


Dunno about ‘sharing it’ with 'em: more likely to yell at 'em very loudly.
Sighh …
But yeah, when/if it works out, I’ll post.