Anyone ever knit with fur yarn?

I’m scared to post this because I know how controversial fur is but I have a really dear friend who has several of these knit fur coats and she found these kits where you can order the “yarn” and knit scarves and hats ect… out of this fur yarn. She, of course, wants me to knit her a scarf. She has been really good to me over the years and is one of my best friends so I want to do it for her but I’m apprehensive.

I’m nervous because it’s expensive and not for me and I don’t want to screw it up. Here are some links…

Please don’t yell at me about the fur thing. I’m not trying to start a thread about what’s right or wrong, I’m just nervous about knitting this stuff and I’m wondering if anyone has ever knit with this stuff before??? I looked on Ravelry and there’s nothing.

If anyone has any words of wisdom, I’d appreciate it.


EDIT: Sorry! I thought you were talking about Fun Fur! I slipped that word “fun” into your post when I was reading it.

I’ve never knit with real fur.

That’s ok. I wish it was fun fur. It is actual real fur. Beaver, fox, mink, ect.

I’m going to be shocked if anyone has any experience with it. I just thought I’d ask.

I took a look a the catalog, and I can see why you are concerned. 250 bucks for a kit to make a scarf? :shock:

Oh my gosh! that sounds like trying to buy Qivit(musk ox fur if no one knows)! I have not tried real fur, it looks cool however…that’s WAY to spendy. I freak out when I spend 7 bucks on a skein

It doesn’t look like there’s anything tricky about it. It almost seems to me like the base of the yarn is a very narrowly cut strip of pelt, so it might me somewhat similar to knitting with ribbon yarn. Very soft, very fuzzy ribbon yarn. I imagine it’s nerve-racking to think about knitting with something so expensive, but if she’s that good a friend, I say go for it. I think you’ll do just fine. And let us know how it turns out! I, for one, will be curious.

A couple years ago I saw a pattern in a magazine where a gal was collecting her own dog’s fur and using that… and it explained the process. She did the whole ‘spinning’ thing, and that’s not my cup of tea, so I didn’t pay too much attention, Plus, if I were to collect my dog’s fur, it would be impossible for me to get the doggie smell out of it… even if I give her a bath it seems a couple days later she’s back to stink city.:teehee: If you do it, I’ll be anxious to see pics! :slight_smile:

I think it’s really narrow strips of pelt with a cotton core. I’m just wondering what stitches they use and what size needles. Maybe I’ll call the company. I will DEFINITELY post pics when the yarn comes and when it’s finished.

I would never pay that for a scarf, especially when I have to do the work, but she is rather wealthy and I’d love to do it for her. As an aside, she took 30 of us to Seaside, Florida for 3 days and paid for everything (even my plane ticket) for her 40th birthday. She isn’t married and doesn’t have kids. We have a gret friendship because we remind eachother to appreciate certain things in our lives. IE: her ability to just get up and do whatever she wants every day and my husband and kids (who are fighting right now) which she desperately wants.

So, I guess I’ll go for it and see what happens!

Go for it and if she is such a dear friend let her know that no matter how it turns out, you did it out of love for her. She’ll love the effort you put into it!!!

I have a spool of fur yarn in my stash. It is very bulky when you consider the strips the fur is attached to. It almost looks like it would work better if it were sewn onto a backing instead of knitting. I’m not sure how to use it, so I just leave it sitting in my stash. :shrug:

It is very soft, though.

Every few months I look thru their website to see what they have new. I would love to knit with it, but the thought of actually paying for it makes me fall over in a dead faint. Your situation is ideal - someone else to pay for it and you get to actually make something with it.

Hahahaha! Yes, I would never pay that for myself! I’m not a fur gal anyway. Not opposed but just not attracted to it. I guess it is ideal. I wish she wanted an afghan, my house is so cold!

At least you guys have heard of it. That’s much more than I expected. I’ll keep you posted. We’ll see how it works out!