Anyone else wear glasses?

I am near sighted and after knitting a couple of hours, my vision is blurred. Anyone have any tips on avoiding this?

I found that I have trouble with darker colours. I am fine knitting so long as the colour is medium or light. Take a break once an hour for five minutes, to give your eyes a break from the strain. That’s what I do!

I wear glasses. I just got them about 3 months ago and I tell ya, the no more headache thing is wonderful.
I had to break down though and get the no line bifocals, as I couldn’t focus on anything that was that small, it was just a fuzzy mess. (I sew, and I couldn’t get the darn needles threaded). I’m not farsighted either.

I’m nearsighted, so I simply take my glasses off to knit (or do anything closer than a computer screen, really).

I second frequent breaks, looking far away (I try to look out the front window, way outside away).

I was also going to suggest knitting without your glasses. If you’re near-sighted, you may not need them for close work like knitting.

(You know you’re a knitter when you type “knear-sighted” and it takes you a minute to figure out why it looks wrong…)

i generally don’t wear my glasses while knitting because my eyes aren’t that bad but generally when I get to a point that i can’t focus that well its cos my eyes are tired. I suggest having a break every hour or so and make sure you have enough light so you don’t have to strain to look at it.

Also make sure you have enough light, especially if you’re working with dark yarn.

Whether I’m knitting or reading I cannot look from my knitting to the TV or hubby without things getting blury. Many times I will take my glasses off for knitting as long as I have good light and don’t want to see what else is going on around me.

I’ve gotten to the point I can’t even see my fingers without glasses. I don’t generally get more than an hour uninterrupted knitting time so haven’t experienced headaches from knitting.
I would say just take a break every now and then, get up move around do a little something else and then go back to it.

I’m severely farsighted with a lazy eye (Hooray. No lasik can help me! :lol:), and I know what you mean. I get headaches and blurry vision if I knit for too long. I try to take a break every hour or so, and I also try knitting with my needles at different distances from my eyes. So I’ll knit closer to my face for a few minutes, then farther from my face for a few minutes, you get the idea. Even just a few inches difference seems to help. So maybe just take your normal, comfortable knitting position and add or subtract a couple of inches from that periodically.

Okay, I will try no glasses while knitting. I’ll see how that works. Thanks you guys!!