Anyone else in Alberta?

Where do you get most of your yarn from? Is it Zellers or Michaels? Or do you go to actual yarn stores?

I’ve found a wonderful shop not too far from me and there is another one not that much farther away and want to visit it soon. I have seen some really nice alpaca wool (made , grown? locally) that looks really nice but I’m so new I really have no idea about quality yet. The ladies at the store are more than helpful though.

Anyway…just wondering and being nosy in general :wink:

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Not in AB, but DH and I MIGHT be moving to Calgary if he gets a job there. He applied to the Calgary School Board (he’s a newly graduated teacher!!) and we’re keeping our fingers crossed, so maybe we’ll both be on the hunt for LYS in Calgary!!!

I’m from Montreal, but I’ll be in Banff in may for a conference. Where’s the LYS in Calgary you go to? Who knows, if the conference gets too boring, I might go check it out!

There are 3 actual lys places in Edmonton. My fav is Wool Revival. Calgary should have a few yarn stores that will carry more than fun furs and acrylics :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in Calgary, and I love to go to Knit One, Chat too in the SW corner, in the Signal Hill neighbourhood, right in the same plaza as Sunterra Market (a nice place to have a decent lunch).

My two cents. But if you are near Chinook Mall, there is Gina Brown’s, that has a lot of different yarns that my place doesnt. It all depends on what you are looking for, I suppose.


I live in Medicine Hat, as for any decent yarn I must either buy online or drive to Calgary.

[color=red]Curlykat[/color] … if you do move to Calgary, keep in mind that the housing market is just insane right now. It is next to impossible to buy a house and when you do find one for sale they are really pricey. I’m not sure what the renting market is like but I just read in the paper the other day of one guys rent increasing 208%!! :shock: Poor old guy doesn’t know how he is going to live. Maybe look for housing in some of the surrounding towns.

[color=red]iza[/color]… Banff is beautiful. We just went there on Sunday for the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get to look around for a yarn store there. I did see one listed, though…so I’d check there first. Calgary is an 1.5hr-2hr drive away.

[color=red]beldaraan[/color]… I am hopng to visit Edmonton this summer sometime…you will have to reccommend a few stores to me. :wink:

[color=red]KatyKoolkat[/color]…the only store I’ve checked out so far is Birch Hill over in Avenida Mall. Its a nice little store but I think I’d like to check out Gina Browns…it’s only about an extra 10 min. drive for me to get there… Maybe this weekend :happydance:

[color=red]ctmax[/color]…Who do you order from online? I’ve been looking around but the shipping expense has turned me off from ordering online yet. Have you found anyone who ships for free in Canada?

Thanks for replying everyone :smiley:

Hi DragonTush,

Thanks for the heads up!! I’d heard this too, that the avg. house in Calgary is over $200,000 now!!! Eeps! Too rich for my blood!! Maybe if we end up there, I’ll have to knit us a cardboard box cover, since that’s what we’ll be living in!!! :rollseyes:

This is the only one I know of that has free shipping, but you have to spend $150.00

I go to Wool Revival and pretty much stick with that store. The owner’s name is Bonnie. It’s in the Highlands are around 66 Street and 112 Avenue (NE-ish). She’s better at remembering my preferences for yarn than I am :doh: :lol: (If you see Bonnie, tell her you got the recommendation from She knows about the site, but it would be cool for her to find out that she’s “on” the site).

There is also a place called Knit & Purl around 124 Street and 104 Ave (downtown-ish) and one that is somewhere around Southgate Mall that I’ve never been to.

Send me a PM or an email if you want to hook up for some knitting time :thumbsup:

Hi Dragon tush.

I am also in Calgary. I don’t generally buy any yarn from Michaels or Zellers since I am partial to natural fibers and its hard to find at these places.

Mostly, I shop from and I also love love love the Knitting Room. Mona and Beth, the 2 ladies that own the shop are so super nice and helpful and they have the nicest yarn.

Nice to see someone from Calgary!

The last time I was in Edmonton {much of DHs family lives in Ed. and Tofield}, I wasn’t into knitting yet, so I only hit Mike’s for craft stuff {got a bunch of Lily Elite cotton on clearance mind you!}. I’ll have to find out from my SIL where she goes in Ed for crocheting supplies… I remember that there was one that she really liked – meaning that they didn’t look at her like she had the plague when she said that all she did was crochet!

It will be at least a year until DH and I head back there again, but I would love to meet up with some KHers there {and along the way!}… the crochet lists I belonged to the last time I went didn’t have anyone for me to stop and see :frowning: