Anyone else having problems with Knitpicks Sierra?

Hi all,

I’m using this to make the Rick Rack purse for my niece for Christmas and from the moment I started knitting with it, I began having strange reactions to it. I’m not sure if its because it kinda “sheds” as I knit but when I touch it and work with it my skin begins to itch - not unbearably, but enough to notice, and my nose burns and my eyes start to hurt a bit. I really want to finish this (I’m now just past the eyelet part) for my niece as it would be a first time felting project for me and I think she would love it! In order to do the last few rows just now I had to cover part of my face from the nose down and that helped alot.

Anyone else knit with it and experienced this or something similar? This is the first time I’m ever using it.



I used it a while back and I didn’t have any problem. Have you used alpaca before? I think there’s some in there.

No, I’ve never used alpaca before…

I think alpaca is supposed to be hypoallergenic, but you never know. I’m sure some people are allergic to it and maybe you’re one of them. Taking an allergy medicine such as Claritin or Benadryl might help keep your symptoms at bay, at least temporarily while you’re knitting.

I have that problem with WOTA. I was talking about it in my blog, as I’m currently knitting clogs for Christmas gifts. Ingrid suggested putting the yarn in the freezer for a bit, as that is supposed to help the fly-aways stick to the yarn. I haven’t tried it yet, because there is no room in my freezer. Right now, I just take allergy pills as I need to.

As for the itchy hands, using moisturizer right before knitting might help, if the itching problem isn’t too bad. Moisturizer can create a bit of a barrier and help keep itching away. If it’s severe itching, or causes a rash, then moisturizer won’t be enough.

I hope you figure out a solution. Knitting allergies are no fun!!!

Thank you guys very much! I will try that freezer thing (just put it in a ziploc and keep it there for how long? I’ll just do a search on it).

I’ll also check to see if my pharmacy will sell me Claritin otc (hmmm my dh has Clarinaise - is it the same thing?) I’m just glad its not happenng with all my yarn and just this sheddy wool/ alpaca one!

Thanks again!


They should sell it over the counter, since it IS over the counter. They might hassle you if you want Claritin D, because that’s the one with pseudophedrine in it. (The stuff in Sudafed, etc.) But regular ole Claritin just has an antihistamine in it.

If it helps you find it, the generic name for Claritin is loratadine (I think I spelled that right…).