Anyone else going to the Sheep Show? (in Missouri?)

Every year they have this sheep show at the MO State Campgrounds. Lots of vendors, lots of spinning and knitting. They have tons of people who campout, and there is music by the bonfire at night.

My friend Nell is showing her angora bunnies, and i’ve taken the weekend off of housewiving so I can head out there and camp for three days. I’d love to meet up with anyone from here who might be able to pop out there for a day! Come say Hi to the chick with the bright blue spinning wheel and pile of fiber!

Dh and I haven’t totally made up our minds whether we’re going to Pagosa Springs, CO for our vacation (end of May/beginning of June), in which case I’d drag him to the Pagosa Fiber Festival (Memorial Day weekend), or whether we’ll vacation in the Ozarks. I looked at an online map, and I think the MO festival might be quite a bit farther north than where we’d be. :thinking: