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I come here several times a day and am always impressed with the great people in this community - and their creations. So often when I come here, I’m inspired to add another project to my to-do list. (In just the few months I’ve been a member, I’ve made or decided to make: a booga, clogs, things for the Compassionate Knitting KAL, and now something with an illusion pattern- on top of things already in the works.)

I see things here everyday that I’d like to make. I may not get to them right away, but without seeing them here, I’d have never knit clogs, or the scrunchable scarves, or the baby sweaters or preemie hats just to name a few. I’ve also learned about all kinds of yarns and pattern sites through here, as well.

Not to mention the people! :heart:

I never would have bought the interweave knits magazine if feministmama hadn’t posted the picture of the waterlily tank here. And it probably would have taken me longer to pick up dpns and do baby hats and socks without this website, too. I agree with Ingrid though, the best part of this website is the people.

WOW I’m surprised that so many people said something other then “every day!”

I’m wondering, if people aren’t seeing things here they want to knit, what do they want to see?

I always see something on here that makes me want to try it. I’ve seen so many sweaters that while I’m still scared to try one, I know that when I do and I get stuck I’ll get lots of help from all of you wonderful people! :heart:

I see something everytime I come in here! :roflhard:

Like Ingrid, I see things all the time that I want to do, may not be able to at the moment, but realize I can once I hear/see how it went for “actual” people.

While I see something on here that I would like to make almost every day (which was my selection) the number I have actually done is fairly small. But I have been introduced to many things I would not have seen otherwise and may very well make some day when I have more time and a larger yarn budget. :wink:

ALL THE TIME…and it can be DANGEROUS! :shock:

I do see stuff all the time that I want to make, too. Of course it takes a long time for my “to knit” list to ever make it from dream to reality. So far, the only thing I have actually knit after seeing it here has been the elongated stitch scarf.

The real impact this site has had on my knitting has been in the area of needles, yarn, and encouragement. It was here I learned about Addis (and Jeff!), now my preferred needles (and dealer). It was here I learned about Malabrigo, Knitpicks, and where to get Cashmerino on the cheap. And it was here I’ve been encouraged to try all kinds of things I had never done before coming here: knitting in the round, knitting with DPNs, my first shaping, my first hat, my first socks, my first sweater, my first stripes - and before too long, my first cables and my first lace. :happydance:

[Did I mention that I :heart: KH?]

Being a new knitter, I see something everytime. And I come on at least 2 times a day. :smiley:

Oh my goodness. I’ve done the booga bag, the Lucy bag, and a dishcloth thanks to seeing pictures of your finished projects right here. Once I finish a couple purses I am doing for gifts for family members (at their request), my first burning desire is to do Silver’s sock tutorial. I have at least 3 different sock yarns waiting for that. Obviously, I saw Silver’s sock tutorial mentioned here first! I would know nothing about KnitPicks if it were not for you people. A lot of you have done beautiful sweaters that eventually I hope to try but am not ready for just yet. So yes, every time I come here, I am inspired to do a project. I don’t know when and how I will get to all of them.

Mostly though I come here and read and read and read and try to absorb everything you all say. I’ve learned a lot about yarn and needles and tips and everything because of you people. And Amy’s videos have taught me to knit better than any book could. Now, if I don’t stop here, I might get sappy… :heart:

Agreed! The burst in confidence is incredible. Not only do I constantly see things I’d like to try out, but they’re knit by regular folks like me who ask questions and do yarn substitutions and run out of yarn when they’re 80% through and can help me when I get to that point. This place rules. :cheering:

I see things here all the time that get added to my “to do” list. When I first started coming here, I thought I would never want to felt anything. I couldn’t understand why people would want to throw their knitting into the washer and “ruin” it. But after seeing so many beautiful booga bags, I am now making one of my own. I also didn’t think I’d want to make socks, but thanks to Silver’s tutorial and all the pictures of FO’s, I’m now addicted to buying sock yarn and looking for patterns.

I used to wonder if I would some day run out of projects…now I’m sure that’s never going to happen. :lol:

I check out this site about 6 times a day. When I get up in the morning, I sign on. When I eat breakfast, I’m here again. Same for lunch. Then, I’ll browse again in the afternoon when I have my afternoon cup of hot tea. When my husband comes home from work, he says, “Sandy, are you on that computer again?” and he grins at me. He knows how much I love you all. When he goes to bed at night, I usually stay up and knit…and check the forum again. :smiley:

A couple weeks ago, we went to visit his family. While we were there, I was bonding with my sister-in-law, who knits like me. I was telling her all about this forum, and how I love to talk to you all. She has a group that gets together once a week to knit, but I don’t have that luxury. So, I told her that you guys are my group. :wink:

I see much that I WISH I could do, or that I Would LOVE to do, but not many things I have gone to the effort of getting the pattern, the yarn, the needles, etc to complete it
in saying THAT I have only seen 3 things here I have done that for
but I have only been here a little over a Month
so I could have marked “a few” or “everyday”

Nuf sed?

I’m one of the ones that said “a few”. I treat KH like my own SnB right in my dining room! I can get my dose of knitting camaraderie {sp?} whenever I want. I love being able to help with problems, and appreciate getting help for my problems. I never had an interest in felting at all before, but all the booga talk made me want one… and my HBC Booger was born from that idea. I can live vicarously through others here — like luscious yarns at ridiculously cheap prices; wonderful stranded and intarsia work that is WAY beyond my current capabilities; gorgeous clothing that just isn’t going to work on me… you get the idea. I think the only thing I have made so far because of KH is my booger… and I have the “love to knit” cloth and the easter eggs on my WIM list. Anything else I’ve forgotten is lost in the haze of sleep-deprivation {I haven’t slept yet from work!}.

This place feeds my addiction. Y’all are my pusher :oops: