Anybody watch "The Big Bang Theory"?

If you haven’t seen this show yet you must tune in tonight, or any night for that matter. It is so funny. Of course it helps if you’ve watched it from the beginning, but you MUST watch this show!!

It’s on Monday nights at 8:30 on CBS. Now if you have another show you watch at that hour, tape it and watch this one.

You won’t be sorry. At least I hope you won’t!! :wink: Nope, I’m sure you won’t be sorry. :thumbsup:

Yes! My hubby and I LOVE this show. We are both geeks (I even have a penchant for physics) so the subject matter applies to both of us.

Their shower curtain (the periodic table of the elements, for those who haven’t seen it) is SO awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do watch the show too! I was a bit weirded out last week when the 2 kissed (can’t remember names) because the lead guy and the girl he kissed were brother and sister on Roseanne. Hard to forget those 2!

I love this show. Some of my favorite people in the world are geeks (don’t tell them or it won’t be as easy to make fun of them! :wink: ) and I see them in the conversations all the time. now they aren’t quite THIS geeky (in that these guys are more nerdy than geeky) but still… I am not a fan of most comedies but between this show and “How I Met Your Mother” i get a big ol’ dose of Guffaw every week.

I fear that it might not make it though because not enough people will get the references and why they are funny. I don’t do the Second Life thing but I know a LOT of people who do so I understand what is funny about the SL references.

any way you look at it though… hilarious!

They weren’t brother and sister, they were boyfriend/girlfriend. He only lived with them because his mother was so bad.

ty for clearing that up! I don’t feel so icky anymore!


That’s so funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to wait until the weekend to watch tonight’s episode because my husband is out of town on a business trip.

I record it every week, too. It’s hilarious!

Okay, first of all DON’T SAY THAT!!! :shock: It [I]has[/I] to stay on the air, it is way too funny for them to cancel it.

And second of all I have no idea what “second life” is but I understand most of what they are saying and I’m laughing (right along with DH) my ass off!!

I’m so glad you all are watching it, I thought it was going to be a stupid show from the early previews, but I’m so glad we watched the first night.


Didn’t Everybody loves raymond almost get canceled? :?? And look how it turned out for them. It can happen people! We must prevail.

Okay, I’m done ranting now. :teehee:

Did you not just love the part of Sheldon asking Penny about her menstrual cycles!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

My favorite line was when they had gone down to the ahem fluid bank to make a deposit but changed their mind. Then Sheldon tells Penny that they almost … okay i can’t say that and keep it G rated…lol. But if i were one who snorted i would have snorted at that!

I have a friend who Tivos the show and won’t let me talk about it until after he has watched it. I can always tell when he finally has because he calls while he is still guffawing. :teehee:

I LOVE this show and I think it gets better everyweek! I’m a total Big Bang Theory supporter. I love the theme song too!


I am adicted and just love the Big Bang Theory…I missed the third one and watched it on the CBS web site…check it out…there are usually up to four missed episodes for each TV show or series, so you can catch up now on all the past shows…

I know, isn’t that great!! I wish all the channels allowed you to view a show you missed on their website. I got to watch the finale of King of Queens that way. Pretty cool. :cool: