Anybody made a skirt?

Ok. I’ve been dying to make a skirt for ages. I’m finally ready. I found this pattern in Vogue magazine, it’s Spring/Summer 2006, on page 98, No. 31. It’s a 3 tiered flirty thingy, simple but. What’s really weird is their waist measurements only go up to 29 1/2" (and that’s their Extra Large!)!!!

What? Anyhow. I checked two other skirts in that issue and those waists went up to 44 or so. Oh yeah, do I have a question here…

I’m already started and even though my waist is bigger than 29 1/2" I think it’ll stretch to fit. That’s another thing: some patterns I googled say make it 4" bigger for ease, then another turns around and says the opposite: make it 2 to 4" smaller coz it’ll stretch.

My main question is, they want an ELASTIC insert. I saw another skirt with just an eyelet at the top and then an Icord or braid put through to keep it up. I often don’t like the feel of elastic in a skirt but will an Icord be enough to keep this on the hips comfortably? Wish I could show you the picture but I’ve misplaced my camera cord.

Any thoughts? Anybody made a skirt! did you do elastic at the top?

I’ve never made a skirt, but I can agree with you that elastic at the waist is uncomfortable.

I’m thinking that you could do the eyelet row and knit the i-cord to help hold it up.

It’s either that or you could get the elastic string and knit it together with the yarn that you want to use. :shrug:

Thanks Jenelle! I’ve put it on hold for a few hours to think about it. :??

Knitty Gritty had a cool stripey skirt that I wanted to make. You might want to check out that pattern, 'cause it had a cool waistband.,2046,DIY_18180_40459,00.html

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Thanks Lynda, it’s cute. But I’m already into my pattern, think I’ll go with it now. Was Homer your pet?