Anybody knitted KP's "Janet Lace Shawl"?

Has anybody knitted Knit Picks’ “Janet Lace Shawl”? I’m giving serious thought to it, but I’m wondering…can I do it? If anybody has knitted it and has the pattern-- I’m not asking anyone to post the pattern or anything–but if someone could please reply with maybe some of the techniques that are used, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d like to kind of know what I’m in for before I decide on whether to knit this or not. If I could knit something like that, I think I’d feel like a “real” knitter! :cheering: The item description says that they increased the needle size and double stranded the yarn, so I’m thinking maybe this might make the project go a bit faster than it might have before, which would encourage me to finish.

Then the question becomes, what color should I make this in? :shrug: There’s so much to choose from!

I was debating ordering this pattern… if I do I’ll let you know. I am doing the Rona shawl, and it’s all slip one st, knit one st, pass slip stich over and k2tog’s so it’s not hard. :slight_smile: I don’t think the janet shawl would be much different. Just use stitch markers between each repeat to make sure you get each one right and mark which row you’re on when you work through the pattern. You would be surprised how easy these are. They take a while, but if you take it one stitch at a time, you will end up with something just gorgeous!

All lace is simply increases and decreases. That shawl looks like it has several sections that are yo, k2tog, and some sections that are yo’s with stockinette in between. The asphodel scarf I knitted recently (see picture) looked incredibly complicated, but only really had four different stitches (knit, yo, k2tog, and sl1-k2tog-psso). The key to lace is the order that the stitches are in.

I looked at the Rona shawl and was debating on whether or not to do that one, but since the Janet shawl uses larger needles and double-stranded the yarn, I thought maybe the project might go a bit faster and I wouldn’t get discouraged. From what you described about the Rona pattern, it doesn’t sound too terribly impossible! :happydance: Thanks for you response!

aylaanne–your scarf is so pretty!!! :inlove:

I absolutely adore this shawl. I intend on knitting it in a couple months our of some hand-dyed chinese red lace I have.

You might want to try typing the name of the pattern and put the word “blog” in google. That generally brings up people who have done it, and bloggers tend to be pretty thorough in giving their opinions of certain patterns.

I made this for a friend’s b-day this summer… order more gossamer though just to be safe… I had ordered 3 and then realized it was double stranded and had to wait for the 4th to get here… and Just needed it for the edging :doh:

It was my first real lace project and only thing I realized was you couldn’t do it as easily if a lot of distractions were going on lol or I couldn’t… but other than that it was easy…

Pretty much what you need to know is basic… KP which is knit 1,purl 1 in same st… KPK-k1,p1,k1 in same st… KRHN which is just knit ?st to right needle and then mark this spot…

My edging did not look the same which I was disappointed in but I can’t crochet very well so I did what I could do… I have the Rona pattern as well and just gotta order the yarn to start it sometime… :cheering: