Anybody have/ know of a very puffy/bump knit stitch? ----

Any patterns for a very puffy/ bump knit stich??? Shrugging shoulders I’d like something with like big puffs, (not like the moss stitch)… I’ve tried a whole project in just bobbles but its hard… the bobble stitching leaves alot of big holes… Any suggestions??? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Do you have a knitters bible? In my knitters bible they have stitches that use both purl and knit … I assume you can do both???

Maybe bubble pattern, or gooseberry stitch or bramble stitch (they all have small raised bumps except bubble which is primarily lg bumps)
If you are interested reply and I will read it back to you


Ahhh… I googled the bubble stitch and that seems about right. :wink: I think I’ll use that one… thanks! :slight_smile: