Anybody had a severe sore throat after general anaesthetic?

I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday and since Sunday, my throat feels like it is on fire. Every swallow causes major, sharp pain. The dental surgery clinic didn’t offer anything helpful yesterday, I go back this afternoon. A pharmacy I called suggested an oral med they should have offered me.

I had a major surgery several years ago and didn’t hurt like this.
Any suggestions? I feel so awful I’m barely able to knit.

Halls has a new product out called Bursts. They are a menthol oral anesthetic. I have had a nasty cold and sore throat for a week and these have gotten me through it. I suck on three at a time and it DOES help! Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.

I had my wisdom teeth out this past summer and suffered from the same thing: a very sore throat. My dentist said it was from all the shots to numb the area. It lasted a few days and then one day I woke up and it was gone. Maybe you could use something like Oragel? My dentist wouldn’t let me suck on anything or even use a straw for the first few days.

Good to know there’s hope. I expected my mouth to hurt, not this.

I had my wisdom teeth out Friday too! I had a sore throat all day Saturday, but it has since gone away. I agree with Christine- my instructions say cough drops should help- like Cepacol etc.
Do you feel sick at all? I have felt so awful that I haven’t knit a stitch in days. The pain isn’t bothering me, but I feel so out of it, and I have been so nauseous.

When you have General Anesthesia you are usually “intubated”, that means a tube is placed down your throat through your vocal cords and into your lungs. This is what keeps you breathing while you are sedated.
There are many reasons you can have a sore throat after being intubated; it may have been hard for your anesthesiologist to place the tube and soft tissue trauma occurred, you may have a sore throat just from the position of the tube or depending on the type of surgery you had manipulation of the tube may have irritated the tissue in your throat.

If you are intubated for having your wisdom teeth out (sometimes it is just done under heavy sedation) the tube will often undergo a great deal of manipulation as the teeth are removed bruising the tissue. If you were not intubated it may just be the position you were in and laying with your mouth open has irritated the tissue.

It can be very painful but it will go away. Topical remedies like Cepacol spray can help (or the lozenges suggested above), drinking ice water can help reduce the inflammation as well.

Hope you feel better fast!

I had a severely sore throat after I had my tubal ligation (about 12 years ago). I had no pain what-so-ever from my incisions, but my throat felt like it was on fire. My doctor told me that it was from the intubation and my throat was likely raw and irritated from insertion. Throat sprays and lozenges didn’t help me as it was far, far worse than a normal “sore throat”.

Fortunately, I had a prescription for Darvocet for my tubal, but I took them for my throat pain.

If you can’t get a prescription from your dentist, try some extra strength OTC pain killers like Tylenol. I’m not a doctor, so take this as it is, but I will take up to 1500 mgs of Tylenol for [I]severe[/I] pain. 1000 mgs will usually do the job though. Don’t exceed 4000 mgs in 24 hours.

Thanks for all the info and suggestions! I knew about the breathing tube causing irritation, but this wasn’t improving at all. We bought some Cepacol drops Sunday, they haven’t really helped.
I saw another one of the surgeons. He said my throat looked more raw than he’d expect, thought maybe I’d picked up some infection too, and suggested seeing my doctor. Went right over to the clinic and luckily didn’t have to wait long. Dr told me it’s infected but not strep throat, can’t give me anything for it and it will clear up in 5-7 days.

Feel better too, knitgal!
What pain meds are you taking? The Tylenol 3’s with codeine made me extremely dizzy Friday, I threw up a couple times. Just extra-strength Tylenol wasn’t cutting it, so I’ve been taking Advil doses in between. Sort of helped the mouth pain but wasn’t doing anything for my throat.
The dr today also recommended Tylenol with lower dose codeine, so I bought some & might try those later.

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